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UTI plus secondary infection

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queenoffairies Wed 15-Jun-11 16:07:40

On Saturday morning I started feeling a little dizzy and weak, and then by the evening I was really poorly with a temp, shivering, burning when peeing and pain in side etc. A visit to the OOH doc diagnosed me with a UTI that had gone to my kidneys, and I was given some antibiotics. But, my Monday I was actually feeling worse, so my GP called out and gave me some stronger ab's, and said if I was no better by Wednesday (today) to call back.

More or less straight after he left on Monday, I noticed that my throat was sore, and a couple of hours after that, my glands were really swollen. I stupidly thought that the ab's I was already on would tackle this problem as wellblush But, they obviously didnt, as the pain and swelling just kept on increasing. So, my GP called out again today, diagnosed a secondary infection and swollen lymph nodes - and gave me additional ab's.

I feel like absolute crapsad and typing this is probably the longest I have managed to stay awake since Sundayblush Can anyone give me any hope as to when I may start to feel a bit better? I am on max amount of co-codomal (sp?) and ibuprofen, 2 lots of ab's, and despite actually sleeping a lot, I am not sleeping properly as I cant use my CPAP machine due to the swellingsad

(apologies for essay and 'poor me' type post blush)

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