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Anyone seen a physio for expert instruction on Pelvic Floor ex.

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strawberryjelly Wed 15-Jun-11 11:46:42

I am making a big effort but read conflicting info.

Some sites say do 5 lifts 10 x a day, others say just do as many as you can in sets of 10.

I find it hard to remember 10x a day especially as i feel i get the right amount oflift by lying down, rather than sitting.

I understood that you were supposed to do it this way:
tighten urethra
tighten vagina
tighten bum
one by one, then lift in a series of 4 lifts/squeezes and hold for 10.

this takes quite a bit of concentration- it's not just a quck squeeze.

anyone got any other info?

Hunterswish Wed 15-Jun-11 15:05:00

Hi smile
tmi warning!:

I started off with having work done on my back, where pilates was encouraged.
My understanding is that we have one huge sling (muscle) that goes from the back to the front.
Once this starts to laps, it causes lower back pain, incontinence, when coughing, sneezing. laughing etc....
I can't remember how I went form having physio on my back to the lady I was referred too, never the less. It was confirmed that I had slight incontinence which involved bladder testing etc and then referred to a lovely lady who probably has one of the worse jobs in the world? She teaches you how to work your muscle!
It involves her first of all giving you an examination and while doing that getting you to cough and to try and grip her fingers etc....The exercises she gives you and while you are there, it is a regular work out with lady and her fingers inside... She explains to do two different types of exercise.
The first being a quick pull and release to do that 10 times to begin with.
The 2nd exercise is imagine you are pulling from your vagina inside up into your belly button, like you are going up in a lift?
Lying down is better for this.Once you are at the top of the lift you hold by using that muscle, she did say it was like stopping yourself from passing wind, how ever it is much easier to understand if you are doing it right when the ladies finger is there ...
She asks you to try and hold to the count of 10 and then let go and to wait 10 seconds then to do it again.To do 10 sets of these.
You can do your quick pull and release all day anywhere really at the sink or waiting for the bus etc....just don't tire the muscle.
The other homework she gave me was this object you put inside , and it has a stick coming out of it, when you pull your muscle in the stick raises up and when you release the stick goes down.
You need total peace and quite for that one!!
Anyway the point being, if you do your exercises regular you should avoid the need for a tvt (Tension Vaginal Tape) which pulls everything back in and stops you having your leaks smile
I had mine in 2006.
The strengthening of that muscle, keeps your back free from lower back pain, improves your sexual health and of course stops the leaks, so it is a good exercise to do.
I never knew what a large muscle it was and how important it was either. My back problems I suffered with for years and my leaks have all stopped.
I hope I have not done your head in????
Maybe it was too much???
Wish you all the best smile
Take care

strawberryjelly Wed 15-Jun-11 21:35:52

no that sounds about right.

The physio i saw said do 10 quick lifts/squeezes for one set of muscles, then 5 slow ones which give support. she wasn't a specialised physio- just run of the mill so none of that finger stuff.grin
i think the problem I have is remembering- someone suggested every time you have a cuppa. But I agree that it's easier lyig down- which means putting your feet up 5x a day or more.

I know I am doing it right because it's like stopping yourself weeing mid stream and holding....

just have to remember to do them....

Baffledandbewildered Wed 15-Jun-11 22:01:33

I was told it is easier to tighten back passage first as if stopping a poo!! Then tighten the front as if to stop a wee ! basic but good method. Do exercises in sets of four repetitions holding for up to 10 seconds . Then do quick repetitions in sets of 10 tighten then release. This. Is what I was told to do at the hospital last month couldn't tell you yet if it works .....good luck

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