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abnormal smear test after having kids

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worriedhubby Wed 15-Jun-11 11:45:33

Hi there
My wife had an abnormal smear test about 6 months ago and was asked to return to have a follow up smear test. After the smear test this week, the nurse said that NHS guidelines insist that any abnormalities have to be disclosed to the patient and that she thought my wife's cervix "had a roughness to it".
My wife was alarmed at this and the nurse said it could be completely normal, though if it wasn't, the results would be back in a month anyway.
We are both a bit worried about this. Has anyone had any experience of this?
To put things into context, my wife has had three kids, two of which were twins 2.5 years ago. We would really appreciate any guidance on this as a month seems a long time to wait.

Thank you in advance.

worried hubby

Hunterswish Wed 15-Jun-11 14:29:16

Hi smile
I don't know if I will be of any help? If you have an abnormal smear test result they repeat again after 6 months to see if the result is the same.Sometimes an abnormal test result is because of a recent hormone change? So they repeat it.If and only if that is abnormal they will refer you for a hospital appointment I believe.
The month time limit is the longest they can quote, IF and only If it was abnormal, you would either get a letter in writing and confirming the next step or the G.P will call you in to have a chat. In my experience the turn around is very quick within 14 days.It is a worry especially if she has never had an abnormal result before? She is doing the right thing though, going for regular checks and following advice given. I know it easier said than done but try not to worry , until you have a reason to worry smile
Fingers crossed everything will be fine smile
Sadly you find they drag their heels to tell you that your all clear.....
Wish you all the best smile

BelaLugosiinStripes Wed 15-Jun-11 22:05:49

Hi worriedhubby
The guidelines are that if the sample taker thinks the cervix is odd then they should be getting the GP to have a look and considering referral. They are not supposed to wait for the screening test result to refer the patient. Changes to the cervix can be caused by many things (not just abnormalities) which the screening test won't pick up on e.g. infections so it can come back as ok even if there is something that a gynae could help with.
Although as hunterswish says the screening result should be back within 14 days, it is actually less relevant and I suggest your wife makes a prompt appointment with her GP to discuss it and get a referral in.
As the nurse says it could be normal, but as they have mentioned there is a difference to your wife's cervix then it is better to get a referral done now.

BelaLugosiinStripes Wed 15-Jun-11 22:11:13

Hunterswish: 98% of tests have to be with the woman by the 14th day after they were taken. Most areas are achieving that now.
Also abnormal results do not get done quicker, as the samples are all waiting for a person to read them using a microscope and until someone looks at it, we have no idea which ones are normal or abnormal. In my lab we process them and read them in date taken order, so we are always doing the oldest tests first. So today for example if we received a sample taken on 2nd June then the oldest one would get read before those from the 13th (which is the date we were reading otherwise). HTH

worriedhubby Fri 17-Jun-11 17:14:23

Thank you for all your advice - very grateful.
I will get my wife down to the doctors for a proper look and see what they say.
Thanks again

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