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Breast exam today - been ok till now but getting worried.

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BambinoBoo Mon 13-Jun-11 08:31:17

I've had lumpier breasts since I had DS 2.5 years ago, but last month I noticed one lump - like a thick vein on the middle right side - just felt more prominent and tender. I went to the docs and she said it didn't feel like a lump or anything sinister, just normal breast tissue, but she always refers so I have an exam today. They have sent some material on what to expect which is very clear, but I am still scared. I lost 2 aunts last year from cancer (one was breast) and a colleague died recently from cancer, whilst another one is undergoing chemo. I am bracing myself for them to say, actually, your doctor was wrong. Not helped by an ongoing anxiety problem. No point to my post really, I've not told anyone bar DH - although he has to work so I am going on my own. I guess I'm hoping that someone will say that if it was bad, my doctor would have picked it up already.

Elibean Mon 13-Jun-11 10:21:58

Good luck (with the anxiety as much as the exam) smile

Waiting is horrid, but you are doing the right thing - and you have a very sensible sounding GP. Odds are hugely on your side xx

BambinoBoo Mon 13-Jun-11 14:38:54

Thanks Elibean. I am back now and all was fine. I just have lumpy hormonal breasts. I think I need to deal with the anxiety now more than anything, before the next worry comes along!

Thanks again. smile

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