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underactive thyroid and irritated eyes

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lololizzy Sun 12-Jun-11 21:14:09

Anyone else with underactive, experience this?
My eyes constantly water from the outer corners. I get a build up of dried tears from this and am sick of having to carry cotton buds/ wipes around to clean up the mess round my eyes (what i guess is salt buildup from tears) and even the most waterproof makeup doesnt stay put .Am sick of people thinking i'm vain and assume i'm always touching up makeup. It's not that but as it builds up it gets visible and looks ugly. It feels irritating too. Then a vicious cycle begins as when i clean the skin around my eyes more tears start.
Doctor said it is blepharitis but am not so sure..for a start, i don't wake up with sticky eyes. My lashes don't get coated with 'sleep dust' etc.
Am wondering if underactive can cause eyes to be dry, so extra tears are produced to compensate?
Any good tips would be greatly appreciated eg to lessen this watering!

alypaly Sun 12-Jun-11 22:35:53

i know it sounds stupid but you actually get what is called dry eyes with thyroid problems. You still produce the liquid but the quality of the tears (ie the amount of grease in them is of poor quality) Sometimes your eyes water to compensate. Try and get an eye lubricant from your Gp as this is quite common.

ivykaty44 Mon 13-Jun-11 08:21:45

I am the opposite to you with over active thyroid and get dry eyes as I don't produce enough tears, whereas you seem to be providing enough for both of us!

I get very itchy and sore eyes due to this and at times just don't both with make-up at all due to this, or I will wear everything but mascara.

jjgirl Mon 13-Jun-11 13:26:28

i could not wear contact lenses until i got proper thyroid treatment. otherwise they fe;t itchy and dry within an hour of putting them in.

lololizzy Mon 13-Jun-11 22:47:53

that's what i thought, Alypaly. But the doctor dismissed it as being blepharitis and suggested rubbing vaseline round them. All that did was irritate further and made me look a greasy mess.

DBennett Tue 14-Jun-11 09:18:14

Go to your optician and get things looked at again.

If your tear film is not adequate you can damage the front of your eye, especially in cases of thyroid eye disease where their proptosis (a widening of the eyelids).

ggirl Tue 14-Jun-11 09:24:18

Proptosis is from an over active thyroid though.

ggirl Tue 14-Jun-11 09:26:00

OP ask a pharmacist . You can get hypermellose eye drops or viscose eye drops to replace tears.

ggirl Tue 14-Jun-11 09:28:32

sorry just seen your eyes water.
could your ear ducts be blocked causing your tears to spill over
I get this a lot as suffer with repeated eye infections.
Also hayfever caused me to get watery eyes .

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