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Feel like I am falling to bits!

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gregssausageroll Sun 12-Jun-11 10:10:37

The last 6 months with my periods have been horrendous. What was a 2-3 day bit of blood with some cramps on day 1 have become minimum of a week long, very heavy/with flooding at times. I have also got horrendous cramps, migraines, spots and been very, very emotional! I've had a scan for fibroids - nothing there so I need to go back to the Dr.

I am feeling particularly tired and also a bit down. Early meopause has been talked about, as has depression and anemia.

My GP appointment isn't for another 2 weeks yet but I am working myself up over all of this. Google doesn't help as I have symptoms of lots of things. I don't think depression but then I am only 40 so surely that would rule out menopause so may be I am a bit depressed but then I think my diet hasn't been that great in recent weeks so may be anemia!

What I don't want is to go the GP for her to refer me or test me for one thing (as has happened with the fibroids scan) and for that to be negative for me to them wait 2 weeks for another appointment to start again. Can I go in, explain all of the above and ask for multiple tests? Can then test blood for everything?

Not sure what I want you to say. i suppose putting how I feel down helps.

Acekicker Sun 12-Jun-11 10:20:41

I'd say you should ask for a Gynae referral - see a consultant who specialises in this kind of thing and they can then refer you for whatever needs to be done. You shouldn't have to (and don't have to) suffer like this - a decent Gynae will recognise this and test/treat accordingly. In the meantime keep a diary of all the symptoms and how they stack up with your cycle as that may help them work out what's causing what (if that makes sense).

TotalChaos Sun 12-Jun-11 10:22:21

sorry you have been having such a pants time. in terms of anaemia, it would be the heavy periods possibly causing the anaemia, rather than diet. With the blood tests, yes, they can test for several things at once. Not sure if hormones/menopausal woul be done separately, as not had that done, but have recently had calcium/kidneys/liver/anaemia/thyroid/cholesterol levels all checked off same sample. Maybe if you phoned up and asked if GP could leave you a blood form, so you could get blood tests done before the GP appointment?

gregssausageroll Sun 12-Jun-11 10:27:04

Thanks both. I am keeping a diary which I will take with me.

Good idea to ask about the bloods to be done before my appointment. Will look into that tomorrow.

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