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Oh shit! GP's sending me for a liver u/s.

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Mamathulu Sun 12-Jun-11 10:02:04

She recently referred me to the Chronic Fatigue clinic, who demand a full set of bloods & urine.(I've also been referred to Neurology, for scary MS-like symptoms.) Although she did refer me, she's come back to me to say some of my liver function's raised, I think she said ALP. Said bilirubin was normal, I'm not anaemic, thyroid's fine, not diabetic. So she wants to send me for a liver ultrasound. I had a bone scan in March 09 which the rheumatologist said was fine, and although they'd suspected RA the second lot of bloods she did came back clear, so she dxed Vit D deficiency/Fibromyalgia.
So, I'm thinking gallstones/autoimmune hepatitis, very worst case scenario. I know I shouldn't really be projecting, but this has been going on for ages (my health's not been good for years) and quite frankly, I was surprised when something came up, as I was definitely thinking this was autoimmune based, most likely CFS. Am I being a complete hypochondriac in wondering wtf is going on?
(Sorry, I couldn't stand to post on one of those medical websites, so I thought I might get a better balanced friendlier reception on here.)

anniebear Sun 12-Jun-11 22:15:46

Hope you are ok xx

Elibean Mon 13-Jun-11 10:26:17

A million minor things can raise ALTs.....a virus, alcohol, etc etc.

Have you been tested for viral hepatitis? (Which wouldn't necessarily show up on a liver scan, btw). Autoimmune hep, in the one case I know of (my step-mother) is fairly fast onset, and she got quite ill quite quickly. She is also fine now, btw, after a course of steroids. Gallstones are very common too, and very treatable.

Hope the cause if found quickly, or that its something transient and unimportant, and that either way you get better soon.

Mamathulu Mon 13-Jun-11 12:44:04

thank you elibean - I'm thinking autoimmune hep, too, or maybe gallstones. Not sure I can do much now except wait - but if the liver scan's all clear, I'll suggest the autoimmune hep test.

Elibean Mon 13-Jun-11 13:26:09

Worth asking for viral hepatitis test at the same time - simple blood test?

Nullius Mon 13-Jun-11 17:59:12

I know its hard but I wouldnt panic, they will have to rule anything out and will be checking your liver function. Certain meds are not suitable for people with compromised liver function.
Another thing is that the liver is pretty magic, it can heal itself right up untill the last, so there is always hope. I wouldnt think you feeling ill for years would be due to your liver, as sadly people dont usually get ill from liver problems untill its too late. Symptoms tend not to show.

mossip Mon 13-Jun-11 22:42:58

Just to say no real advice but I've had raised ALP (in the 300's) for 25 years with no obvious cause. Some people just do. Mine is more raised if the blood test is taken after a meal. For 15 years they said it was attributable to bone. For the last 10 they've said it's attributable to instestines. I really would try not to worry as it may well not be an indicator of anything. I hope so anyway.

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