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failure to diagnose

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fightinjustice Sat 11-Jun-11 20:39:34

I have made a complaint about a failure to diagnosis by a paediatrician based on their not following the NICE guidelines for the symptoms given and failing to examine my son. It was a very common medical condition that she should have picked up easily.

My complaint was not made directly to the paediatrician but since making it we have received a letter from her giving us 4 weeks to respond if we do not want her to discharge our son from her care?

Is this normal procedure or would this response be linked to the complaint or my request for all medical records which she is presumably aware of??

The paed had advised that my son did not have a medical condition and that it was behavioural when she referred us on last October so we had presumed he was no longer under her care since then.

We had heard nothing more since last Oct until this letter just after we requested all the medical records.


Grumpygils Sat 11-Jun-11 23:46:17

Can you talk to your local PALS at the hospital? They might be able to help. I believe nhs complaints have a fairly structured system for responses.

fightinjustice Sun 12-Jun-11 21:30:38

Thanks for this. Sorry I may not have explained properly.

I was wondering if anyone (maybe someone who works in a hospital) would know if it is normal procedure to be sent a letter asking about discharge from care. I had never recieved this type of letter before and did not think it was standard practice. I was very surprised to receive it as we had not seen the paediatrician for nearly 9 months and had heard nothing during this time.

Hence I was concerned that this letter was prompted by my complaint for example would she want us discharged to make it eaier to defend the complaint?


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