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First smear test tomorrow

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flibbertigibbert Thu 09-Jun-11 11:28:03

I recently turned 25, so tomorrow I'm going for my first smear test. I'm a bit nervous. Can anyone give me any advice - should I take painkillers beforehand? How long does it last? My friend has invited me to zumba and drinks in the evening - will I be able to do this or does it cause pain afterwards?

spiderlight Thu 09-Jun-11 13:08:16

It only lasts a minute or so and it shouldn't hurt, apart from perhaps a momentary discomfort as the cells are taken. They use a sort of brush thing now, so it's really not painful at all in most cases. My only advice is to try to relax - the nurse will be very experienced and most are really kind and sensitive. You should be absolutely fine afterwards - some people have a tiny bit of spotting but I never have.

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