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terrified, convinced myself i have anal cancer.sorry for tmi!

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kaylasmum Wed 08-Jun-11 10:18:41

hi, i've really worked myself up into a terrible state. I have ibs and over the last 2 weeks i've had a flare up. I also have piles which flare up now and again too. About 2 weeks ago i was in the shower and was aware that i had an external pile, i tried to gently push it back in andwhen i did i felt a small lump just inside the opening, i instantly felt panic. Not sure if it was jusy the lump that i'd pushed back in that i was feeling.

Now because of this fear that i'm feeling my bowels are laying up more than ever. Everyy day i'm checking when i'm in the shower, sometimes i feel it other times i don't.

I'm 45 anf have 5 kids, 3 adult kids and a 7 year old anda 4 year old. I'm terrified i'm gonna die and leavethem without a mummy.

I have suffered from health anxiety and a cancer phobia but had cbt and was doing a lot better but i feel it has come back full force.

Has anyone got any calming words for me.

kaylasmum Wed 08-Jun-11 10:26:13

please anyone, i'm finding it hard to function.

catx2 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:28:49

Hi. I feeel so much like you right now. Keep on thinking I've got bowel cancer. I posted on here this morning, "bowel problems". It is so easy to panic and when you have kids you worry a lot more. I never used to be a worrier. I would make an app to see your GP. It is probably just a pile. I had some bleeding from the bum before and i went straight to GP who examined me and said it was from a pile. They are so used to these examinations, don't be embarrased. Just make the app and then you will know so you can stop worrying. Worrying about it will only make things worse and you will feel things that you think are something sinister.
Can I ask what type your IBS is? Just wandering as I have it to just like to know about what others feel like and how they cope.

kaylasmum Wed 08-Jun-11 10:43:30

hi thanks for your reply, i'm totally terrified, can't function properly, its awful. I know i should go to the doctor but i'm so scared.

With my ibs i tend to have constipation for a while ans then i'll have a couple of bouts off diahorreah.

So convinced it must be anal cancer. I've been googling of course, big mistake.

AMumInScotland Wed 08-Jun-11 10:44:28

If you have piles, then I'd say its very very likely that what you can feel is just them. But you really do need to go to the GP and get them to check it out. They'll almost certainly be able to reassure you that it's nothing to worry about.

On the tiny chance that it is cancer, you are still much better off going straight to the GP, because cancer doesn't mean you are going to die any time soon. Most of them can be treated - it would mean an op and maybe chemo, which isn't fun, but you don't need to worry that you're going to die and leave your children without you.


Spagbolagain Wed 08-Jun-11 10:49:24

Anal cancer is not very common. Piles are very, very, very common. The chances are you have an internal pile, they feel lumpy. The GP can diagnose really quickly. Take a deep breath and make the appointment, and try to stay calm.

Try and think about your cbt. Rationally speaking, it's highly highly likely to be nothing sinister, especially if you have a history of constipation episodes.

catx2 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:51:54

Don't google. Why don't you ring your GP now. Like previous reply said, cancer doesn't always mean death and the sooner you find out what it is the better it is for your body and your mind.

AngryFeet Wed 08-Jun-11 10:55:18

It is very very unlikely. Have you ever suffered anxiety about your health before? It is very easy for it to spiral in to a full on disorder. I have suffered from it for years and it now tends to come in small episodes. Go and see your GP for reassurance. If you do not believe them when they say you are ok or start worrying again soon after go back and ask for CBT/Counselling.

"When you hear hoofbeats presume horses not zebras"

When you have young kids anxiety for your own health and mortality is heightened but you need to be careful to not get carried away. The simplest explaination is that most likely it is a pile.

Oh and DO NOT GOOGLE EVER when it comes to symptoms. EVER!!!

AMumInScotland Wed 08-Jun-11 10:57:20

Going to the doctor shouldn't be any more scary than the worry you currently have - if you've convinced yourself you are terribly ill, what can the doctor say that would be any worse?

He'll probably say you're fine.

If he doesn't, then you are better off for knowing it for sure and getting immediate treatment than you would be with not knowing and letting it get worse, making it harder to treat.

Take a deep breath and make the appointment.

AngryFeet Wed 08-Jun-11 10:57:39

Oh and in the last 9 years I have had:-

Breast cancer
Throat Cancer
Oral Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Heart Disease
Lung Cancer

Or so I thought very seriously for several weeks/months at a time. And there are lots of other people out there who are just like me. Sad but true sad

EightiesChick Wed 08-Jun-11 11:00:51

Deep breath, ring the doctor, get an appointment. I know it is frightening but it is very likely to be something easily manageable, most probably piles. Doing something will help. Really, do it now.

kaylasmum Wed 08-Jun-11 11:48:40

thank you all, i will make an appointment but won't be able to get one today. Its just awkward cos i'll have to take my little boy with me.

God i hate this anxiety, its starting to take over my life again.

kaylasmum Wed 08-Jun-11 16:11:44

i've got an appointment with the emergency dr at my surgery for half 4. Terrified does'nt even come close! I have'nt eaten anything all day and my arms have felt like pins and needles for hours now.

kaylasmum Wed 08-Jun-11 16:55:22

just seen my gp, she reckons its a thrombosed pile and have been prescribed a cream. I've to go back in 2/3 weeks to get it checked again. I feel calmer now but still worried. She seemed pretty sure its not anal cancer.

kaylasmum Wed 08-Jun-11 17:40:46

anyone else had this?

Spagbolagain Wed 08-Jun-11 17:44:06

Great news! Yes, have had that, it hurts. Had my piles banded eventually, worked a treat. Hope this sets your mind at rest, please do stay off Google!

AMumInScotland Wed 08-Jun-11 19:08:23

There you go. Never had one myself, but I'll bet the doc sees 99 (or more) thrombosed piles for every case of cancer she sees. I'm glad you got an appointment quickly and hopefully the cream will bring it down and she'll be able to reassure you completely on the next visit.

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