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Allergic to VOC's in household paint

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Beaaware Wed 08-Jun-11 10:01:02

I have noticed that when I use paint containing VOC's I get a sore throat, had no idea that VOC's were a mixture of toxic chemicals and could be the cause of so many ailments such as Asthma, M.C.S (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), C.F.S (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), P.V.F.S (Post -viral Fatigue Syndrome), M.E.
(Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).
I now use VOC-free paint.

A1980 Thu 09-Jun-11 00:02:56


hiddenhome Thu 09-Jun-11 22:16:37

I have chemical intolerance and I react to the air fresheners they use at work. Unfortunately they won't get rid of them sad

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