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Bowel problems

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catx2 Wed 08-Jun-11 09:41:01

Hi. Not really sure what reply I want to this but just wanted to write. Not something you like to talk face to face about. I was on Calcium tablets and Citalopram for a while and during this time I got really constipated with bad cramps. Even got so bad I had temprature and put on antibiotics. My GP thought it wasn't to do with the bowel but a kidney infection. GP kept on telling me it was just my IBS flaring up (had this diagnosed 10 years ago). After doing some research and finding out Citalopram and Calcium can cause constipation I stopped taking them. Things got better for a while but now it has got bad again.
Not too constipated but a lot of cramping and there seem to be no strength left in my bowel. Can being constipated for long mess up your bowel? I didn't take any strong laxatives only Fibrogel and Movicol occassionally. I've got app to see GP in a couple of weeks because I really want to know what is going on. I do stress a lot and it could be the stress of thinking something is going on that is causing it. I want proper answer not just you are to young, it's just IBS etc because I know serious problems could happen to anyone. When this all started I was seeing GP for all sorts of problems and I was really panicky and thought I had all sorts going on so how do I know convince GP to take me seroius and refer me? Thanks for reading/listening.

catx2 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:47:17


EightiesChick Wed 08-Jun-11 10:53:42

I think you definitely deserve a referral to a bowel specialist. Bowel conditions can take all sorts of different forms and people often end up being diagnosed with IBS because doctor's aren't exactly sure what is going on. So are you now running to the toilet all the time, is that it?

My advice would be:
- keep a diary of what you are eating/doing and how your bowels behave. That way you have some concrete data to look at / discuss with medics.
- have a plan for what you want out of your doctor's appointment and work out how to ask for that as directly as possible. Can you make an appointment with a different GP so you won't have any history to be worried about?

bacon Wed 08-Jun-11 10:58:53

Sounds like you suffer from anxiety attacks and in my experience ADs make the condition worse - I did cognative therepy which helped and I would never go back on ADs again as they messed me up. Mainly anxiety gives you loose bowls but prob it could cause cramps.

I dont know whether a GP will refer you if you say youve got anxiety problems and he probably knows that it is this thats causing it. IBS can be very bad and gives other side effects. I mainly suffer from contripation however most of the time now I'm fine. I have the usual IBS tablets with Dulcoease and usually that calms all the side effects down. ALso a good diet with set routines (making sure you eat a good varied diet with stewed food against al-dente). Your in a vicious circle - stressing about feeling ill which makes it worse. Unfortunately GPs arent that good on IBS issues and I would spend some time on the net reading up.

I would say from reading this that you have stress/anxiety issues and would recommend councelling, relaxation techniques or some changes in your life too.

Unless the GP thinks there is some serious medical reasons for these cramps (caused by constipation) then perhaps he wont think that seeing any consultant isnt going to prove anything. You could ask but you'll be on a very long list and some self help may solve the problems quicker.

Can you list a typical weeks menu? Describe your anxiety problems and why?

catx2 Wed 08-Jun-11 11:56:56

Hi. Thanks for your replies.
I eat healthily. Activa youghurt with and bran flakes for breakfast. Fruit inbetween meals. Lunch is often sandwich with soya and linseed bread. Dinner is healthy with lots of veg. It doesn't seem to be due to diet because I have tried all sorts of things. I have always been a worrier but not so much abouth my health until recently. There just seem to be so much ill health around me, friends and in the media. I just worry so much because I've got the children to think about. I just think that if I had my bowel investigated and found an answer or that there isn't anything just IBS then maybe my mind would be at ease and I would feel better. My IBS have neverr been this bad and that is what I'm concerned about.

shitmagnet Wed 08-Jun-11 12:06:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moregranny Wed 08-Jun-11 19:17:00

I have been better in the bowel department by cutting out bread and ,strangely, grapes and taking up to 3 peppermint capsules a day, I also have to avoid cereal based breakfasts.

strawberryjelly Wed 08-Jun-11 20:02:53

Are you having enough fluids- 2 litres a day- and getting some exercise daily? Both are essential for moving bowels.

housewife19 Thu 09-Jun-11 12:28:55

catx2 Dont underestimate the severity of the effects anxiety can have on you physically. Anxiety starts with the mind but the physical side is very real, keep on at GP until you have a proper check up, my GP ruled out everything for me before suggesting we treat the anxiety with CBT. Get blood tests, ECG & nutrition advice, its easier to deal with the anxiety if youve had your fears put to rest or whatever you try to do for anxiety will always be up against that nagging doubt. good luck smile

bacon Fri 10-Jun-11 15:14:02

I totally agree with housewife19.

I see your diet seems different - activa contains sugar why are you bothering natural youghurt will work out cheaper. If you eat a lot of fruit that also contain sugar. Soya etc why arent you eating a normal wheat bread (make yr own if you want a healthy alternative). You mention no meat or fish either. Could an evening meal with the children contain a bolognaise/fish pie?

There just seem to be so much ill health around me, friends and in the media - does there? I would say peoples health is better than ever.

If you went to see a consultant with this diet then he may ask why?

I havent eliminated anything from my diet since I started having IBS 20 years ago. Just eat better - better quality and properly.

catx2 Fri 10-Jun-11 17:46:45

Thank you Bacon but I do eat very healthily and good quality food. We always have fresh cooked meals with meat or fish. And the bread I eat is because normal wheat bread makes me all bloated.
How can you say you agree with hosewife19 when you previously said I shouldn't bother a hospital consultant.
Sorry but your reply just made me angry as you don't know a full list of what I eat.

whiffy2334 Sat 18-Jun-11 16:40:46

hi catsx2 i suffer from ibs, u do get get crampin with it and some tablets do make u constipated. I also av or rather did-- colonic inertia-- slow bowels- chronic constipation. I regretable took g. suppositries and they brought on more bowel problems, the gas build up was unbearable. Then got told i had full bowels. I paid privately in northampton 4 a irrigation. 3 yrs on and i am constipation free!!!!!!!! Try telln doctors that a irrigation does work- there none believers im proof they work good luck 2 all hopr u all get sorted

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