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Cycle length & spotting, aka The practically non-stop period shop

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SindyTellsMe Tue 07-Jun-11 13:40:19

In my late thirties and have been pregnant x3.

So far in 2011 I am lucky if I get 10 "clear" days in a row between periods. Used to have a lovely 28 day cycle with 5 day periods - no more, latest cycle was 19 days with 9 days of bleeding/spotting.

My GP is keeping an eye on it and I have just gone back on the pill purely for cycle-regulating reasons so will have to hope that works.

Anyone mind sharing their post-DC cycles with me? Bit worried that I might be on a downhill run to hysterectomy...

SindyTellsMe Tue 07-Jun-11 21:08:58

Evening bump, as I suspect there may be others out there...

IntotheNittyGritty Tue 07-Jun-11 21:20:03

Ive had constant bleeding from a very young age. Finally had marina coil inserted and it all stopped. No problems, no pains since.

SindyTellsMe Tue 07-Jun-11 21:30:02

Hmm, that's interesting Into... How often do those things need changing? Is having one fitted a bit like a smear test, or worse? I'm a bit reluctant about coils after my best friend had a bad rejection experience...

IntotheNittyGritty Tue 07-Jun-11 23:57:07

\hi, every 5 years. They do take some time for your body to adjust, because at the beginning you are getting a high dosage of hormones, but eventually your body calms down and for me anyway it worked. Being truthful it was probably about 7-9 months for my body to realign into its new regime but it has been the best thing ever.

I dont get any kind of bleeding now - ever - I dont get stomach cramps or headaches or moodswings. I didnt put weight on, I dont have to remember to take the tablets.

I would certainly think about talking to your doctor. It should help you get your life back and allow you to enjoy your child(ren).

Re the fitting - that is horrible. It is like the smear, they use a contraption to push it inside, and there is a string that stays outside (but you are not aware of it) doctors check for it at smear time. When it first goes in, you get a tremendous sharp pain because of the hormones kicking in, and initially this takes some getting used to. It isnt pleasant, but neither is constant bleeding.

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