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Knackered back and BIG sleep problems. I am getting desperate.

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AtYourCervix Mon 06-Jun-11 23:17:12

I last yanked my back in February. It's better to the point that I can function and carry on as normal as long as I am careful.

But I haven't slept through the night since. Every time I turn over it wakes me up. It bloody hurts. It seizes up as soon as I stop. Normal life is OK, If I sit down it is stiff and hurts to get up again but once up and going again it is OK.

But the sleep. I dread going to bed because I know it will hurt again.

What can I do? Anything? I have an appointment on Friday with an orthopaedic doc but as I can funtion I'm not holding out much hope of a miracle cure.

Jamillie Mon 06-Jun-11 23:34:44

Have they given you an MRI scan? I've had similar problems and it was disc issues - ended up having steroid injection in the spine (caudal epidural) which helped loads. Try and get on the scan waiting list!

canei22 Tue 07-Jun-11 20:12:48

I have problems with my shoulders andwhen they are really bad I can't sleep. My GP prescribed Amitriptiline, just to be taken at night and it works really well.

canyou Tue 07-Jun-11 23:38:51

What type of mattress pillow do you have? I have a long term back neck problem and have gotten an orthopaedic mattress and pillow [the type that are solid foam and slightly curved, think they are also anti snore pillows] I also use a bolster pillow to keep me in place when the pain is at its worst.
Also the heat relief patches can really help as the heat seems to relax the muscles in the area.
Hope you get a maintenance program to help soon.
If xrays scans etc have ruled out disc/bone damage would you consider acupuncture and Chinese deep tissue massage and some Alexander Technique training, they saved my sanity in the end [am not in UK so would have had to pay for physio etc so took the cheaper option after trying 10 sessions of physio] I also do over 55's exercise classes [am 32] blush which is gentle stretching and seems to have helped.
I am only saying the above as my GP is reluctant to give sleeping tablets and I am allergic to codeine and a lot of analgesics. And yes when you are in pain the above seems impossible so feel free to curse and dismiss my suggestions.

AtYourCervix Tue 07-Jun-11 23:54:24

Thanks. once again it is bedtime and i don't want to go.

I saw an osteopath for ages which helped to a point (she did some accupuncture too). haven't had scan or anythng. had to virtually threaten GP with violence before he would refer me. I'm not great with lots of painkillers and because i have to get up and function in the mornings am very wary of taking stuff before i go to bed (although i know there's stuff which haven't been tried yet)

Matress is a newish firm one.

And I joined the gym a month aga (!!!) losing 5 stone would help i'm sure.

HerbWoman Wed 08-Jun-11 11:33:37

My back was keeping me awake at night too, although manageable during the day and I came across a suggestion somewhere online to sleep with a pillow behind my knees (if sleeping on my back) or between my knees (if sleeping on my side). This has really helped and I have almost been sleeping well! Also tried some exercises from "Treat your own Back" by Robin McKenzie which have also helped during the day (although everything was stiffening up again in bed, hence the poor sleep.

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