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Sudden excruciating back pain, any ideas why.

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piratecat Mon 06-Jun-11 09:24:33

I was sat by the back door and not even moving then felt/heard a clunk and this pain has shot around in a ring from my spine. It hurts to breathe, because it's expanding the muscles.iyswim.

Is it a muscular thing, feels jarred. Can't do anything. I have things to do do today.It's under my boobs and goes right around.

Bloody pain ful and i am totally stiff.

Heat, cold? what to do to ease it. any ideas. thanks

piratecat Mon 06-Jun-11 09:34:17

? help !

BelovedCunt Mon 06-Jun-11 09:35:22

phone the doctor

paddypoopants Mon 06-Jun-11 09:41:16

You may have done something to the cartilage between your ribs - this happenes to my husband he gets a click and then is in agony. However, you need to see the doctor. He was told to take ibuprofen and take it easy which was fine as he couldn't actually do anything.

piratecat Mon 06-Jun-11 10:50:12

thanks. i have taken 2 ibuprofen and 2 paracetamol, and i am keeping moving. this happened to me about 12 yrs ago and i went to bed, and ended up unable to move out of it for days.

no doctors appts. i might ring nhs direct for advice. it's easing. feel like it needs to be kept warm iyswim, ie by moving.

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