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Addenbrooke's hospital - parking?

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MegBusset Sun 05-Jun-11 23:07:26

Got to take DS1 to Addenbrooke's on Tuesday afternoon, just wondered what parking is generally like at the hospital - I know there's a multistorey car park but is it normally alright finding spaces there? If anyone's parked there recently, would be good to know...

camdancer Mon 06-Jun-11 08:23:06

I've never had a problem finding a parking space there. I tend to go up very, very high - the parent and child spaces are on level 6 and 7 or something like that up in the clouds. If you have an appointment, make sure you ask at the clinic for the cheaper parking, especially if you are there a while. I think it ends up being about £3 for the whole day if you have an appointment.

throckenholt Mon 06-Jun-11 08:24:37

It is easy and cheaper to use the park and ride nearby. Depends how far your DS can walk - Addenbrookes is huge and it can be a long way from the bus stop !

MegBusset Mon 06-Jun-11 09:34:06

Thank you both, sounds like it should be OK then, with the park & ride as a back-up.

smudgethepuppydog Mon 06-Jun-11 17:54:44

I always find it can be busy just before 9am and again at about 1pm as clinics start but I usually manage to find a space. Parking fees have just gone up by about 50p and the machines no longer accept card payments. If you have an appointment card or letter go past the pay machines and go up to the man in the booth neat the exit barrier and show him, he'll give you a ticket to pop in the machine next to his office so you only pay £3.00 (might be £3.50 now). We always collect the car first drive down then park in the bays next to the exit barrier (they're hatched off for this purpose) the see the man in his office.

Acekicker Mon 06-Jun-11 19:13:46

We've planned to P&R before and ended up in the hospital parking. Babraham Road P&R can be completely full by 10am in the morning, although there may be more spaces available as the day wears on - the road sign on Babraham Road will tell you if there are spaces available if you're coming in from the A11 side though.

Whenever we've had afternoon appointments we've just parked on site in the multi-storey. Definitely agree with going right to the very top (but I always do that in anycase) and do allow a reasonable amount of time to park and get to your appointment - it's a 5-10 min walk to some bits of the hospital and I always find it takes forever to actually just get up to the top of the car park (longer than in most other multi-storey car parks - I suspect a combination of unfamiliar car park and people being nervous about hospital/ill relatives etc).

MegBusset Tue 07-Jun-11 19:21:33

Thanks all, we parked fine up on the 6th floor, nice view smile

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