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3 days after GA, DS1 still feeling really rough.... can I do anything?

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Jackaroo Sun 05-Jun-11 09:23:59

On Thursday afternoon DS1 (5 yrs old) had a v short op for grommets/gromits/grommits.... all went well, hearing already much better, and no oozing or similar.

Now, I might have been given a false sense of security, DS2 had this before Christmas and the next morning was in his nursery christmas play..

DS1 def. felt rough afterwards, but ploughed through juice, jelly, ice cream etc etc and sandwiches, Finally left hospital at 7.30pm. Slept through til next morning. Woke up feeling unwell, but no pain etc.

I think he may well have a bit of a virus too, but I recognise the "feeling OK for an hour, then crashing for hours" as post-anaes. for me, and wondering if it's that for him. He gets white as a sheet, feels very sick, and essentially hasn't really eaten since that first night.

Am trying veyr hard not to feel concerned, but can't help it.

Any ideas, guidelines. Rang the ward on Fridya, they said, if he doens't have pain/major oozing, it's not the operation..but I'm used to the effects of anaesthetic being underplayed, but don't want to paint him with the same bruxh.

Sorry for typing, cooking/tending to the sick etc etc...

PS It's now Sunday 6.30pm here.

belgo Sun 05-Jun-11 09:31:19

The anesathetic for grommets is very short and light. My dd1 has had the operation twice and both times was back at school the following day, bright as a button.

Your ds does need to be seen by the doctor. It might not be anything to do with the operation, but take him to the doctors.

Jackaroo Sun 05-Jun-11 09:54:37

Mmm, I wonder if it's having a bug straight after/during? He was certainly fine that morning.

Don't know quite what to say to the doctor. Think he'll probably say it's just a virus, but he's not changing at all - getting worse/better.

Am totally freaking out now (previous 8 years of ME just sent me into a tail spin, have to remember this is not me, it's him ).

belgo Sun 05-Jun-11 09:57:48

Say to the doctor exactly what you have said here - write it down in fact. The doctor will know how to examine your ds - look in his ears, listen to his chest etc.

Jackaroo Sun 05-Jun-11 10:01:23

Yeah, good idea. I'm usually so good at this stuff, but I suppose I'm really worried this time. Thanks Belgo (my 1/4 Belgian son thanks you too!!).

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