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Once we were LIGHTer, now clothing is tighter, we are the WHETE (WorstHealthyEatingThreadEver)

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Mouseface Sat 04-Jun-11 13:50:30


I'm Mouse. I'm about 8lbs heavier than I'd like to be. Winter was a battle, as was spring and now summer is here and I don't have thing that fits me. sad

So, come and meet the other WHETEs. Join us if you like. No skinny-mini's allowed! You have to have some sort of wobble going on or else bugger off. grin

<goes off to stuff self with cheese and pickles>

BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger Sat 04-Jun-11 14:20:29

Hello, I'm bitter and I need to lose about 10lb I think - conveniently my scales are broken wink

Some rules I think Mousie smile

Firstly you must be prepared to chat bollocks and pretend to be on a diet while simultaneously chatting about things you are eating, things you have eaten and things you would like to eat.

Secondly, Friday is Fat Free Friday, or FFF when the calories don't count so tuck in.

Third rule is no trainers. wink grin

I am off for a cup of tea and a biscuit but I am sure another reprobate will be along in a mo.

Mouseface Sat 04-Jun-11 14:36:52

Oh, yes, quite right Bitter dear, rules are a MUST! grin

I'm craving cheese on toast but I'm too hot to make it. If I carry on like this, I'll sweat the 8lbs off!

When you say trainers, do you mean footwear or the human, paid for a living kind? wink

BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger Sat 04-Jun-11 15:43:14

Both. And no Dogs. You no how much I hate dogs. wink

Mouseface Sat 04-Jun-11 16:06:49

Dogs? Oh dear Jeff, certainly not. Mice, on the other hand, are just dandy. grin

BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger Sat 04-Jun-11 16:18:54

I prefer rats, but I'll let it go this once.

Where the Jeff is everyone else?

swallowedAfly Sat 04-Jun-11 16:51:57

Message withdrawn

TotalChaos Sat 04-Jun-11 16:53:49

hello, 3 stone to go, must stop dicking around as it's post holiday so no excuse.

swallowedAfly Sat 04-Jun-11 17:53:44

Message withdrawn

Mouseface Sat 04-Jun-11 20:40:50

BGT, chocolate and bed xxx

swallowedAfly Sun 05-Jun-11 18:32:53

Message withdrawn

Mouseface Sun 05-Jun-11 18:37:01

Agree, I've been out all day too, really suprised that no-one but you has posted Saf.......

Time to leave it me thinks. smile

Mouseface Sun 05-Jun-11 18:37:35

and, of course, I'm surprised too grin

swallowedAfly Sun 05-Jun-11 18:55:33

Message withdrawn

Mouseface Sun 05-Jun-11 19:13:55

DIY, cleaning this morning and then we took the wolf and Nemo out to the old hill fort near here to my first 'real' walk in 3 years so took it really easily, I can feel that I've used my legs again.

Hoping that I'll be okay tomorrow. smile There are lots of nice walks here so I'm hoping that I can start to get fit.

And FINALLY, my period arrived, a whole week late.

Off to eat take-away curry grin

Back later xx

swallowedAfly Sun 05-Jun-11 19:19:44

Message withdrawn

BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger Tue 07-Jun-11 00:02:25

Bye Bye thread x

swallowedAfly Tue 07-Jun-11 11:16:16

Message withdrawn

Mouseface Tue 07-Jun-11 12:33:39

Goodbye from me, the lovely Mouse. grin xx

obrigada Thu 09-Jun-11 15:41:24

So today I decided I would like to rejoin this thread, (formerly desiretochange) went looking for it and can't believe you have said goodbye to it sad Any chance you want to resurrect it?

Mouseface Fri 10-Jun-11 11:44:41

Hey Obrigada

TBH, I just don't think that any of us have the motivation to lose weight right now.

You know how mad busy my life is! grin

Maybe at some point we'll start again? Who knows.

Never say never and all that!

Sorry sweets xx

obrigada Fri 10-Jun-11 12:27:46

No worries Mouse, wasn't really the weight loss part that I was interested in, enjoyed the banter between you all.

Mouseface Fri 10-Jun-11 13:01:25

Well, you know where I am. smile xx

100years Fri 10-Jun-11 18:56:44

Hiya folks smile

My belly is expanding, I think it's grown an inch in a week smile

I'm third trimester now smile

sofadweller Sat 11-Jun-11 21:05:10

Well I'd like to get rid of my muffin top. Or truncal obesity, or whatever its called.

But on the other hand, have just eaten a bar of whole nut..........

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