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Change in periods with Merena coil

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bumbums Thu 02-Jun-11 08:52:12

Hi, tmi I know but am hopeful that someone will be able to help me with uot me having to go to the gp or nurse.

I've had the merena coil fitted for 2yrs now and my periods have been almost non existant. A regular one day of very light bleeding. Only need a thin liner.

This month I've had thrush in the week before hand and the period is heavier and going on for three days now.

I haven't had thrush for at least 10 yrs by the way.

Can anyone tell me why this month could be so different? Not had any sex this month blush so it can't be that.

Has my coil moved out of position maybe?

belleshell Thu 02-Jun-11 18:49:17

maybe ring local family planning clinic and ask there advice..........

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