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Really irregular/no period after stopping breastfeeding 7 months ago is this normal.

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starsandstripes Wed 01-Jun-11 16:07:14

Ds is now 20m and I think since he's been born I've had two very light periods. In this time I have taken a pregnancy test about 5 weeks ago, the day I went to the dr complaining of being overtired and also asked to be put on the pill. He told me not to take the pill until I have another period but it still hasn't come! So probably haven't had a period for maybe 9-12 weeks can't really remember. But If I was pregnant why didn't it show up when I tested 5 weeks ago?? (I've ordered more tests arriving tomo)

I've put on weight
Am always tired
have irregular periods
Have had bloods taken for anemia (came back normal)

What the hell is wrong with my body? I have two ds's don't really want anymore children.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 01-Jun-11 17:18:49

I would return to the GP (see another one in the practice) and ask for your thyroid levels to be tested via a blood test. What you are describing could all well be linked to a thyroid imbalance. It can be treated with tablets.

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