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Quitting Smoking - What works for hardened addicts please?

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HonestyBox Tue 31-May-11 18:39:12

I'm looking for advice. My friend in his 50s has been a smoker for 30 years or so. I get very worried and upset about the thought of losing him and I've nagged him, bought him books, sent him to the doctors, signed him up for online gadgets etc. It hasn't worked (when did nagging ever work?) and this time I want to do my research and find out what really works.

I know the impetus has to come from him ultimately but my fear is that he won't find it until he is ill. He has tried various things off his own back including patches, gum and one of those' steam' cigarettes. Can anyone let me in on what factors really helped them to give up. I'm all googled out, I'm asking partly for myself so that I can be reassured that I'm doing everything I can sad.

Mabelface Tue 31-May-11 18:45:01

I was ready to do it and ultimately that's the crux. I was prescribed Champix by the smoking cessation nurse and I've been smoke free for almost 1 year and 3 months.

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