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Strange bruising

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beatofthedrum Mon 30-May-11 17:53:18

i lost a lot of blood during my EMCS. I was given an iron prescription that made me really constipated so I checked with the doc and stopped taking them. At my 6 week check they did bloods and I was advised to try different iron tablets. They caused constipation too, so I stopped, without checking with the doctor (am sounding stupid now, I can see that!) Recently I've noticed a few unexplainable bruises, almost like lovebites, under my arm, on my chest. Could this be a symptom of anaemia? I'm obviously thinking get back on the iron tabs now! Also worrying could be something more sinister, but feel very healthy.

beatofthedrum Mon 30-May-11 17:56:34

Forgot to say, am now 20 weeks post-natal.

lazydog Mon 30-May-11 18:36:10

Yes, I bruise easily and I'm completely healthy apart from being on iron tablets to treat anaemia. I'm now (after taking them for many months) just above anaemic level (still have to take a maintainance dose) and I bruise far less than when I was severely anaemic, but still more than the rest of my family/friends.

lazydog Mon 30-May-11 18:38:55

maintainance maintenance blush

debinaboat Mon 30-May-11 19:07:22

i have no answer for you , but my son had marks like that. they started off exactly like love bites (little red dots and a little rash but definatly under the skin) then they changed from being quite red to brown and lost the little dots and looked like brown patchy skin. his started on his arms but by the end of it he was covered head to toe.he had full bloods done as he is type 1 diabetic . the hospital said it looked like a clotting disorder(not diabeties related) but nothing showed up in the blood tests and it went away completely within a month or so. just one of lifes little mysteries... yours may be the same,but best to get it checked out anyway.

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