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Sore 4 months after birth

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nparkin Sun 29-May-11 18:09:58

I had a forcep delivery and 2nd degree tears and I am still feeling sore/achy down there. I went to see a private gyno 6 weeks ago and she said that all my stitching etc was done really well and I had no sign of infection, basically she said that the low oestrogen in my system can make it more sensitive. So apparently every thing is fine but I am totally frustrated of feeling sore has anyone else had this and do you have any advice please!!!!!

MsInterpret Mon 30-May-11 10:35:08

Poor you. How awful.

Is it painful all the time? What kind of pain? I had an episiotomy with forceps delivery and I get really achy during my period just like how it was when i was healing. Worse if I am standing/walking/carrying dd, who is now 18mths. How long since your delivery?

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