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Post childbirth discharge - TMI warning

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haloflo Sat 28-May-11 18:18:02

Hi I wondered if anyone could help or has been through this.

DD was born 2 months ago. I had an episiotomy & internal stitches for a second degree tear.

I experienced 3-4 weeks of bleeding afterwards & then the lochia turned yellowy/white. This has not stopped & we are now on 8 1/2 weeks. DD is EBF and my periods have not come back.

The discharge is quite watery.. It doesn't smell or itch. I have to change my pantyliners several times a day or it leaks to my knickers. It hurts a little when I wee.

I went to my GP - he took a swap. Came back normal but he prescribed a vaginal gel. I went to the pharmacy they didn't have it and couldn't get hold of it. Same result at 2 more pharmacies.

I phoned the surgery back and the only person available on the phone at half 4 on a Friday was the practice nurse. She told me that the product I was prescribed was just to prevent an infection and yellow discharge was normal and would likely last the entire time I breastfeed. Surely this isn't right? As if its not bad enough leaking milk everywhere, I have to leak down below too?!

Thank you in advance.

catwhiskers10 Sat 28-May-11 20:30:26

I'm sure what the nurse has told you is rubbish. I've never heard of an abnormal discharge while BF and it was enough for the GP to take swabs and prescribe a gel for treatment.
I used to work in a pharmacy and GPs are notorious for prescribing things which are discontinued so this is why the pharmacy probably couldn't get hold of it.
First thing on Monday I would ring them and ask to speak to the GP and get him to prescribe an alternative and ask him what it's for.

haloflo Sat 28-May-11 20:47:28

Thank you. I don't feel its normal but she was quite insistant and made me doubt myselt. I will ring Tuesday (another bank holiday!)

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