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Bringing DS on holiday with a throat infection

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WakeUpRosemary Sat 28-May-11 13:40:13

I'm in a quandary. My DS, 3.6, has had a throat infection since Tuesday. We brought him to the doctor on Wednesday and got antibiotics. We are due to fly to Spain on holidays tomorrow and the doctor said that he would most likely be okay by then. However, we brought him to an out-of-hours doctor today as he was still running a temperature, lethargic and not eating. This doctor says that his throat is still infected and gave us more antibiotics. He was non-committal about whether or not we should fly tomorrow but gave us a not-fit-to-fly letter for insurance purposes. He also said DS could be okay by tomorrow, kids can bounce back from things like that, etc - so not much help really.

The thing is, when DS has had some painkillers he's full of beans. He's been looking forward to this holiday for weeks and if we don't go tomorrow we won't be able to go until late August, if at all. But I don't want him to suffer or get worse. The fact that he's been to the doctor already means that if he did get worse abroad we wouldn't be covered by insurance.

We meant to be flying at 8 in the morning so we don't have time to decide tomorrow.

I've already posted this in AIBU but I thought there may be some medical people here?

Elibean Sat 28-May-11 13:56:37

what a tough one - I think, if it were me (speaking as a mum and not a medic), I would assess like this: if he isn't running a temp in the morning and is ok on painkillers, if I have filled the prescription for all antibiotics so I can take them with me, if I am prepared and able to pay for a doctor in Spain if needed, and if we are travelling to somewhere with medical facilities, I would probably go.
Otherwise, play safe.
Gooid luck!

WakeUpRosemary Sat 28-May-11 14:19:54

Thanks Elibean. Yes, we have the antibiotics. We're going to a family-resort-type-place not too far from a city so there will be medical facilities. He could be a lot better by tomorrow afternoon and we'd be tearing our hair out if we didn't go.

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