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unusual bleeding

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FreeButtonBee Fri 27-May-11 14:25:17

I am not usually a drama queen but I am a bit worried about this.

We are TTC; I also have PCOS so periods are pretty erratic generally.

Last proper period was before Easter. Then last week at day 43 I got my period. I had no normal PMT symptoms - no tender breasts, no pain. Bleeding was unusual - no clots, it was very dark, almost black and quite watery. I use a mooncup so I do tend to know what's normal in that regard.

Period was fairly short, from Thursday to Monday.

Yesterday I started getting spotting of blood and it's continued/gotten a bit worse since then. I've never ever had this before. I feel fairly okay in myself although I feel 'aware' of my right ovary - it's not sore, as such just seems to want to let me know it's there! I also have an urge to poo/slight pressure in my back half but there doesn't seem to be anything to poo.

I did a pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago which was negative.

I am trying not to freak myself out but I could this potentially be an ectopic pregnancy?

Meita Fri 27-May-11 16:21:47

You could calm yourself down in that regard by taking another test. The test two weeks ago - before your 'period' - doesn't really tell you very much. I believe if you are currently having an ectopic pregnancy, the test should be positive now. Although the embryo is implanted in the wrong place, your body produces all the right hormones.

If you feel 'shoulder pain', go to a&e or call an ambulance - that would mean you were bleeding into your stomach cavity which could be very serious. However, I wouldn't immediately think 'ectopic pregnancy' from your description. (though wouldn't want to rule it out either, not being a HCP).
More 'benign' possibility could be 'just' a normal early MC - your test was too early to catch on, the unusual bleeding was in fact an MC, the spotting is some more coming out.

But it could all just be your hormones playing up a bit. I have mild PCOS and my periods are very unpredictable, and sometimes I get spotting a few days after I thought my period was over.

Have you called NHSdirect?

FreeButtonBee Fri 27-May-11 17:22:35

Thanks Meita.

You might be right with the v early miscarriage thing. And I will do another preg test in the morning (that's the best time, isn't it?) No haven't spoken to NHS direct. I will give them a call tomorrow as well if it's still ongoing.

It is all a bit out of the ordinary for me which is why I have been fussing in my head.

In a weird way, I would be quite pleased if it was a v early miscarriage as it would mean that I work! Obv, I'd rather be pregnant but knowing I can get pg would be a real boost to the morale.

I am well up on the symptoms of ectopic pg due to the wonders of dr google. No shoulder pain, no pain at all actually - which is all to the good.

God, this TTC thing is weird. My body is now this whole other thing to keep track of!

Meita Fri 27-May-11 20:29:12

Oh, all too well do I remember the wondrous and strange times of TTC! As I have irregular cycles, I found myself wondering all the time if I had in fact been pregnant and was now MCing or if it was just a normal period. That's why I started charting my BBT - helped me understand what was happening (but for some people, it just causes additional stress). And indeed, it was due to the charting that I eventually knew that I might be pregnant, tested, got a BFP, just to start bleeding a week later and MC. If I hadn't been charting, I would have never known I had been pregnant. (Or I would have spent a fortune on pregnancy tests).(Actually, I DID spend a fortune on pregnancy tests)(FYI, you can get cheap tests off the internet)

In any case, good luck to you. They say that immediately after a MC you are especially fertile...

I do hope it isn't anything sinister. Feel free to update if you'd like.

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