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post natal depression - help!!

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cazamatic Thu 26-May-11 19:22:58

i have pnd and a stay at home mum with 2 bounching little ones! does anyone know if i am entitled to any benefits to help with the cost of living!?! also any coping tips would be welcome too!! thanks

controlpantsandgladrags Fri 27-May-11 14:19:08

Hi cazamatic, I can't be of much help but didn't want you to go unanswered. I had PND following the birth of DD1 and am a SAHM too. Have you seen your GP?

Regarding benefits, there's a website called which has a benefits checker. I haven't used it myself but hopefully it could help. It would all depend on your household income etc.

cazamatic Sat 28-May-11 21:00:19

hi thanks for replying!! i have seen my gp and iam on prozac(the lowest dose) and have someone that comes to talk to me on a regular basis, it helps a bit but i was hoping that someone woukld have practical advise so i can get off the pills asap!!

qwertysue Fri 10-Jun-11 23:13:55

hi, i know it isnt quite the same, but i have suffered with severe on/ off depression over the years, and also have a young dd and a teen with adhd (v.demanding!) and god only knows how difficult it can be. first rules that i swear by..
1. Me time, either with friends, or a quiet smoke in the garden alone, or read a book, (if you are able to see the words whilst your mind is racing with other things).
2. make sure you keep up with a feel good appearance, and when i say that i dont mean make up done nor hair straitened every day , nothing obsessive, i mean just pure basics, like a nice bath/shower every day teeth brushed, etc. because all too often we get caught up in the frame of mind that "ah cant be bothered today, will do it tomorrow" but i really find that that just cleaned feeling helps on a road to feeling ok.
3. clothes, and pyjamas! as daft as that may sound! if you wear pyjamas that fit really comfy, then you will have a better nights sleep, have you ever noticed in your sleep pulling you pant legs down if they ride up? pulling the douvet over your arms if the sleeves are too short and your cold? it all contributes to a better nights sleep, that invariabley makes for a better start to the day. and the same when you get dressed, wear clothes that make you feel ok, because you will constantly feel uncomfortable one way or another., try and eat sensible, everything is ok in moderation. avoid fizzy drinks.
5. enjoy your time with the kids, but also acknowledge that you can try and duck out of the room and just leave them for five mins (playpen), as long as you have left them safe it is good to just escape and recompose every now and then.
i dont want to sound like im just preaching at you, or anything, it is just how i have survived and what helps me to keep on the safe and narrow day by day. as for the benefits im unsure of your circumstances, but try the website. it has alot of info on who is entitled to what. best of luck

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