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Nickle allergy

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willow2 Wed 01-Oct-03 12:16:05

DH has an allergy to nickle and gets terrible eczema when he wears a belt because of the nickle n the buckle. Ds anyone know where he can find a nickle free belt?

suedonim Wed 01-Oct-03 13:38:24

I can't answer your question, Willow, but a tip my friend used was to paint the metal bits with clear nail polish now and then. I guess the degree of success would depend on how allergic you are. Hope someone can be of more use than me!

robinw Wed 01-Oct-03 13:54:12

message withdrawn

willow2 Sat 04-Oct-03 15:59:05

Cheers Robin - they don't have a uk stockist but will do mail order. Has anyone else got any ideas of uk based companies?

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