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Poorly son

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Bearcat Wed 18-May-11 18:05:48

My 23 year old son became ill last Wednesday at work. He struggled on until Friday when he took the day off (and has been off since) and went to GP who said he had an upper respiratory tract infection and prescribed Augmentin. GP said if he was not better in a week he should go to hospital.
Yesterday, Tuesday he rang me at work and said he felt worse than ever (he has lost all his energy, has aches and pains and a slightly swollen face, looks very pale and washed out).
We decided he should go to A&E, I was worried he may be getting pneumonia (I am an allied health professional and also took advice from a nurse friend who works in A&E).
He had a chest x-ray which was clear and a sinus x-ray which showed a blocked sinus. He also had a blood test which showed raised white blood cells which could be to do with fighting the sinus infection, but also a more unusual finding to do with the white blood cells and the doctor said they would be carrying out more tests on his blood and that the results would take longer to develop.
She said before we left that it was good that he came to A&E particularly as the blood results were abnormal.
The discharge letter to the GP says a diagnosis of sinusitis and lymphocytosis (which of course I've googled and scared myself a bit, although I am also wondering if he might have glandular fever because of his exhaustion)
He was given diclofenac and cocodamol by A&E doctor.
The A&E doctor wants him to see an ENT specialist, which he is tomorrow as he has private health insurance through work and she also said she wants him to see a haemotologist because of the blood results.
The GP this morning said that the haemotologist can wait as she will test his blood again in a months time to see if things have settled.
Anyone got any comments to make on what I have said, or any similar experiences that got sorted out????

notagypsy Wed 18-May-11 21:06:52

Sinusitis can make you feel really ill and washed out so hopefully once that has cleared up he will feel better. I was ill for about 2-3 weeks when i had it, decongestants helped and strong painkillers.
In regards to the bloods they will repeat the blood count when there is no sign of infection, so if levels are still abnormal it wont be due to infection and therefore need investigated. (Hopefully his will be fine, they usually are when infections clear up).
Hope he feels better soon.

Bearcat Wed 18-May-11 22:10:59

Thanks for your reply. Had no idea that sinusitis could make you feel so ill.
Felt a bit cross when I saw GP had written sinusitis only on his sick note for work as I thought the people at his work might think that looked a bit pathetic for several days off sick, especially as he seems to have other stuff going on.

Bearcat Sun 29-May-11 18:50:10

Posting again for more advice please.
DS saw ENT specialist on 19 th May who prescribed zithromax for 3 days to clear sinus infection. He took it for 1 day, came out in rash, taken off it and back onto augmentin.
By Saturday he was covered in what was called a petechial rash and was told to go to A&E by out of hours doctor last Saturday.
He was very dehydrated and kept in for 3 days and nights on a drip, but antibiotics stopped after 12 hours.
They said he had a virus. They said it wasn't glandular fever and were trying to work out what it was over several blood tests.
On Friday 27th May he went back to hosp for another blood test and he was told it probably was GF after all.
His terrible rash had started to fade, but came back with a vengence yesterday. He says he feels OK in himself and is talking about going back to work on Tuesday!
We have persuaded him to go back and see GP on Tuesday, mainly because of the rash.
He has been off work for 2 weeks now, and does generally seem better, except for this wretched rash.
Has anyone got any thoughts, similar experiences?

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