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Stopped BFing - lumpy nipple -anyone?

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MrsSnaplegs Mon 16-May-11 14:17:17

Have posted in Feeding section as well but no response there!

Hoping for a bit of advice from those who have BF before.

I stopped BFing about 5 weeks ago prior to my return to work.

It took a little while for my milk to dry up and I am not sure whether it has gone completely as both nipples have "leaked" tiny amounts of milky white fluid on manipulation in bath until yesterday. Right nipple fine, breast soft and not tender.

Left nipple yesterday became suddenly itchy and red. On examination I have a lump about the size of a grape directly under my nipple in the aereola. Aereola is red and itchy and slightly dimpled, nipple on that side is semi inverted anyway so difficult to judge any change there.

I know with any breast lumps I need to see my GP and will make an appointment but first wanted to ask here if anyone had any similar experiences?

I had really bad thrush in both breasts at Xmas whilst feeding but had treatment and battled through the pain - could this be a reoccurance of thrush? Is it a blocked duct? (There is no fluid now leaking from that side)

I have looked on leading BC websites and they do say 90% of lumps are benign. Happy to go to my GP and leave the decision process up to her but wondered if it was thrush again whether I should try treating it for a couple of days?

Does anyone have any experience of this post BFing?

mynameisdifferent Tue 17-May-11 07:04:15

I have had thrush whilst BFing and also after feeding DS2 developed a semi inverted nipple that I had never had before so I do think you can get changes when stopping BFing. However, I would go to GP and get it checked out, the lump and the itchy aereola together could be just a blocked duct and the thrush or it could be something that needs further investigation, and to be on the safe side I think it's always better to get a professional opinion on these things.

Good luck xxx

MrsSnaplegs Tue 17-May-11 15:03:13

Thank you mynameisdifferent I have made an appt to see my GP and hopefully will get this sorted, just wanted to see if anyone else had any experiences

mynameisdifferent Wed 18-May-11 10:09:21

Yeah I know what you mean. After I stopped BFing DS2 I did get referred to the breast clinic because of the inverted nipple thing but all was good. When BFing DD in last couple of months we both had thrush for what seemed like forever and then I also started to get a bad rash and sore nipple/aerola. I saw the lactation consultant and at first she was really concerned and said I would probably need to go back to breast clinic as it was only one side and then she watched a feed and saw a slight issue with the attachment and once I sorted this it cleared up quite quickly. I was surprised it was attachment as it wasn't my first baby I'd fed and also she wasn't newborn there but I guess they can change their feeding practises without the lesser trained eye noticing!

It is also difficult to find anything on google to see if you can expect any changes post BFing is what I found as I didn't know if a nipple change after feeding could be expected or not.

Good luck - keep in touch xxx

MrsSnaplegs Thu 19-May-11 06:41:26

This is my second dc bf and I didnt have anything like it before

olivia73 Fri 20-May-11 09:12:58

I have just stopped BFing 2 and a half weeks ago (after a whole year) and my boobs are sooo sore and lumpy. i've read up lots on the net and i'm sure its blocked milk ducts. apparently massaging under the warm shower helps and where i am from (austria) we put quark on the breast for about 10 minutes a few times a day and it settles any inflammation. will try this today.
BUT FAR WORSE is my itchiness on my arms and legs, i'm going crazy with it! has anyone experienced skin problems after stopping BFing ? i think it may be hormone related and i'm off to see the gp later today. i really hope he can give me something that will stop it as i'm off to get married in greece in 2 weeks time and i don't wanna run around with big red bumps on my arms and legs... :-(
good luck to anyone who is weaning at the moment.

mynameisdifferent Sat 21-May-11 07:06:13

Mrssnaplegs just wondered how things are? Have you had your GP app't yet?

Olivia - sorry can't be of any help but just hope it improved for you too!

MrsSnaplegs Fri 27-May-11 07:05:46

In with Dr today, think it may be blocked duct as now weeping pus and blood sad

MrsSnaplegs Sat 28-May-11 08:33:43

Ok Dr has given me antibiotics for mastitis an told me to go back in 2 weeks if it isn't any better so fingers crossed it will be back to normal

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