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Blood and mucus from bottom?

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OldBagWantsNewBag Wed 04-May-11 15:10:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

belgo Wed 04-May-11 15:12:28

Definitely go to your GP asap.

EightiesChick Wed 04-May-11 15:15:46

Yes, go to your GP. Bowel problems are very common but they don't do well if you ignore then and aren't that likely to go away on their own. Believe me it will be better to screw up your courage and go.

callow Wed 04-May-11 15:16:27

A second a revisit to your GP. I would ask to see another one in the practice if possible.

Any continued change of bowel habit warrants investigation.

wilkos Wed 04-May-11 15:18:45

go to your GP.

he/she will probably have seen enough bottoms to last a lifetime.

OldBagWantsNewBag Wed 04-May-11 15:20:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EightiesChick Wed 04-May-11 16:06:04

Lots of your symptoms now fit with ulcerative colitis which is what I had. But there are all sorts of bowel conditions. You will probably need some kind of meds prescribed, and it can get more serious than that (not wishing to frighten you) but people who get treated for this stuff say it improves the quality of their life tremendously. It is miserable to have these problems and be running to the loo. But it might take referral to a gastro/bowel specialist and some tests to be precise about what the problem is. Get the wheels moving and get an appointment with your GP then straight away.

OldBagWantsNewBag Wed 04-May-11 16:26:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OldBagWantsNewBag Wed 04-May-11 16:35:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EightiesChick Wed 04-May-11 16:49:41

Good for you. It is the best thing, really.

OldBagWantsNewBag Thu 05-May-11 16:13:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IngridBergman Thu 05-May-11 17:18:39

From what you describe, it sounds very much like clostridium. This is notoriously difficult to get a positive sample for, so if things dont improve and the results are negative, make sure you do a repeat sample. I know it's grim.

They should treat with metronidazole - had you been on antibiotics before your symptoms started? That's often the trigger.

Also people who work in hospitals or nursing homes are likely to get it.

OldBagWantsNewBag Thu 05-May-11 23:51:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IngridBergman Fri 06-May-11 06:44:59

Hi OB, yes you're correct - C diff usually hits within a much smaller time frame. Your gut would need to have been very disturbed in order for the bacteria to take hold, so unless you have had ongoing issues since around the time you had the antibiotics, it's fairly unlikely to be caused by this bug - though it can lurk around for a while.
It's unlikely it came from the hospital visit with your hand, as well, as it's something that has to enter your system somehow - not the bloodstream but the digestive tract. It's just possible you could have picked it up through being in the hospital but usually it is confined to those who are staying there for a few days at least, often the elderly, weakened immune systems etc.

I got it (probably) from the house we moved into where both parents worked in the hospital, their child was very ill and I think on some heavy medication, in and out of the hospital a great deal, and they had also just had a baby...basically the house was absolutely filthy and they were all at risk of this illness if not actually infected with it. We moved in and stripped everything out, cleaned it etc - I then took antibiotics for something minor and developed c diff.
It was a horrible time, my symptoms were pretty much as you describe, and I was so far from the typical patient demographic that no one believed I had it...I self diagnosed from the internet, and got laughed at by the doctors till the test came back positive. It took four months to get rid of it and was very traumatic.
Anyway, that's me digressing but hopefully you don't have this. It's very possible you have a different infection, but something is going on that you shouldn't ignore and neither should your HCP. Mucus and a temperature is a sign of bowel infection.
Hopefully they will hurry the results through and start on some treatment for you, whatever it is...I escaped a colonoscopy but only just. It's just one of those bugs that recurs very easily so there was a lot of bleaching going on smile
let me know how it goes x

IngridBergman Fri 06-May-11 06:47:44

Btw, TMI but I didn't have diarrhoea with it, just the things you mention - the mucus and bleeding, and needing to go quickly without really passing anything much, and feeling a bit unwell/ unable to eat.

This sort of thing could be some other inflammatory thing, like Crohns I think, or similar. IBS doesn't cause bleeding, officially. anyway good luck!

OldBagWantsNewBag Fri 06-May-11 11:56:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IngridBergman Fri 06-May-11 13:41:27

No worries, and I'm so sorry to hear about your bad luck. That sounds like just what you didn't need sad

When your arse hurts, for want of a better phrase, it is hard to think about anything else or concentrate and so it's more likely you will have accidents of the falling over variety. I remember being utterly tense the whole time, and it becomes a vicious circle as your strongest muscle is your jaw and when you tense that, it makes your other muscles tense too. trying consciously to relax is helpful.

It's very bizarre being a perfectly normal adult and having to consider that you might not reach a toilet in time. I remember the way that felt, it was dreadful. It took me a couple of years properly to get over that feeling of tension and anxiety, even now I still get scared it might come back. But it hasn't in two years so might be Ok. smile

Hopefully whatever you have can be treated more easily.

MegBusset Fri 06-May-11 13:50:43

I have had bouts of UC with symptoms very similar to yours. My last severe flare-up was about seven years ago and required a course steroids but since then I have been lucky not to have any really bad flare-ups. My triggers are stress, being run down and taking antibiotics (I do take acidophilus when I have a flare-up).

Well done for going to the GP, it's not great having people looking up your bum but no worse than childbirth! Hope you get it sorted soon. The National Association for Crohn's and Colitis website is very helpful

OldBagWantsNewBag Fri 06-May-11 19:09:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MegBusset Fri 06-May-11 21:07:20

I was diagnosed with an endoscopy and biopsy. They did line me up for a colonoscopy but by the time my appointment came around, my symptoms had subsided a lot so it was not considered necessary at that time. I gave up wheat and dairy for a couple of years as I found that they made my symptoms worse, however I have been able to reintroduce them into my diet although I still don't have a great deal of dairy.

There is a book called The Good Gut Guide which I recommend to everyone with bowel problems, here

hungryallthetime Fri 06-May-11 22:14:22

I also have UC which started with similar symptoms to yours. I would get referred for all the tests (by which time the symptoms had gone!) and they all came back negative.

Every couple of years I would get the same symptoms you are experiencing and luckily last time I got referred the consultant said no tests till I had symptoms. I had my worst flare up last summer and a flexible sigmoidoscopy at this time and was diagnosed with UC and now take medication to hopefully reduce frequency of flare ups.

Not sure whether others have experience of being diagnosed whilst not having symptoms but just for you to bear it in mind that by the time you get referred for further tests there may be nothing to see - I had 1 colonoscopy, 1 endoscopy, 2 barium meals, 2 flexible sigmoidoscopy all before I got diagnosed! Not nice!

QuackQuackBoing Fri 06-May-11 23:54:36

Hi OP, just wanted to say that I hope you find out what is going on soon and also to definately go along to your colonoscopy and "don't bottle it". It's important!

OldBagWantsNewBag Sun 08-May-11 19:58:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IngridBergman Mon 09-May-11 09:54:26

Hi OBWNB, sorry you are still having such an awful time of it. I really think your GP isn't being very on the case with this. Your colon is obviously really inflamed and this could actually get worse, it could become a systemic infection, and you've already had a fever for a while.

I think I'd be going back or ringing up on a daily basis asking for the results to be rushed through, because you cannot go on like this.

With my illness I went in to see the GP one evening, they took a sample and I was rung with the results within a day and started treatment. I don't know why they haven't put you on metronidazole already, as you clearly have some infection. Please call them this morning and say it's getting very difficult to live with the symptoms and you feel you need some urgent help.

I'd be inclined to go to A&E actually if you can't get anywhere with the GP.
These are symptoms I wouldn't want to ignore or put up with for more than a couple of days. If it's waking you at night it's pretty serious.

maxybrown Mon 09-May-11 16:40:44

Hi I have UC, so my absolute FULL sympathies to what you are going through!

It can be so draining, especially if you are up in the night with it.

I have learnt to ignore my panic now, so the hot sweats about needing the loo NOW (or often too late) have subsided a lot from when I was first diagnosed.

Give yourself as much rest as you possibly can. Good gut guide is good and also "How To Cope Successfully With Ulcerative Colitis - that helped me a lot, though appreciate you have not been given a diagnosis yet - though does sound likely?

When I had my first bad bout, I couldn't even get up off the floor, was lying next to the toilet as the house i lived in at the time, the bathroom was downstairs. I was probably going about 20 times, just through the night - gosh what horrible days/nights they were!!

I had the worst flare up I have had for a long time a couple of months or so ago. Was same time of year I had had the last one (though that was not as bad) and doc rec it was prob that i had an average always around that time of year virus, of which only affected me in my bowel - causing my flare up.

My last doc did advise me that if i am at home and near a loo, to try and ignore the sensation - obviously you may have an accident, but you may find it passes (scuse pun) and you don't end up going, obviouly each time you "go" (hard to make someone understand you are not actually having a poo, just blood and mucus) everything then gets that bit more inflamed..............not sure if i am making any sense there?!

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