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Immunisation worries

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Jodiesmum Fri 26-Sep-03 18:42:27

DD2 is nearly 6 months old and still hasn't had her first lot of injections. There are quite good reasons for this (born 2 months early, then ill for ages) but I'm really anxious to get on with now, especially as dd2 has just started nursery and will be bringing every bug under the sun home with her. Problem is that Dh has got into homeopathy in a big way and is against having any jabs at all on the grounds they will mess up her health in all sorts of ways - both now and later. Has anyone else had similar dilemmas about the early jabs (as opposed to MMR)? I thought these were fairly uncontroversial? I've had a brief look at the "anti" literature and it all seems a bit alarmist, however after dd2's bad start in life, I'm inclined to hysteria myself. Would be really interested in any views

Jodiesmum Fri 26-Sep-03 18:43:09

Sorry, it's dd1 who's just started nursery

pupuce Fri 26-Sep-03 19:02:02

Oh Jodiesmum.... you've opened a box...
When I read your post :
"especially as dd2 has just started nursery and will be bringing every bug under the sun home with her. "
My initial thought - she will probably be healthier than any of the others....

My 2 are not vaccinated for anything - they are NEVER sick! We *thought* DD had caught chicken pox.... but no!
DS was -very unusally- sick (vomit) 2 nights ago but was absolutely fine in the AM. DD has once vomitted and that's all! All they get is the very occasional runny nose for a few days.

It is my DH who ws very much anti-vaccination.... so I did some research and I am very pleased with our decision... and it has nothing to do with the MMR debate. And the more time passes the more I am convinced we were right.

Jenie Fri 26-Sep-03 19:45:06

Jodiesmum - dd has had most of her injections - up to pre-school and I've decided not to let her have anymore because I just don't feel them to be necessary although I will let her have tetnus (sp) and polio as have had some experience of those, grandfather died of tetnus and friend had polio.

Ds is 17 months and having no more injections until he is much older but even then not mmr and only polio and tetnus.

I agree with pupuce the children I've met who haven't are actually in better health than those who have had them, but this is just ime. I'm interested to see what others have to say though.

lucy123 Fri 26-Sep-03 19:52:13

Just to even things up: it may be is true that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children, but only because they are likely to have well-informed parents who also give them a good diet etc.

Dd on the other hand is fully vaccinated and is also never ill.

Swings and roundabouts I suppose - she was affected by her first lot of jabs (which in Spain includes Hepatitis B, hib, diptheria-whooping cough-thingy, tetanus, polio and Meningitis C, so a lot of jabs for a 2 month old), but not in any way as much as she would be affected by any one of those diseases. Vaccinations *are* the smaller risk for most children.

Jimjams Fri 26-Sep-03 20:08:01

Have a look at this thread from a couple of weeks ago.

The radio show givne in that thread is very good, and if you do decide to go for the early jabs then I would recommend going thimerosil free.

I'd really recommend reading The vaccine Guide by Neustaedter as well. His book is well referenced, goes into pros and cons and also gives the safest way to vaccinate if you decide to go ahead.

To date my unvaccinated ds2 has been much healthier than vaccinated ds1 (touch wood touch wood touch wood). Of course that proves nothing.

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