Sore throat on one side for several days, not going away

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IngridBergman Mon 02-May-11 04:52:25

Hi, I wondered if anyone has had this, as NHS direct is only taking urgent calls!

I started with a sore throat on Thursday evening and it's still there, but only on one side.

There is no temperature, no cold, a bit of a cough in the morning but just from sinus drainage I think?

It isn't that bad, just a pain when I swallow, and it makes my mouth taste a bit off.

The weird thing is it doesn't seem to have got any worse or any better in the last four days. I'll try and see the Dr tomorrow, if it hasn't gone, but am getting a bit concerned about it as it's so odd.

I like illnesses to move iykwim, either get better or do something interesting, so you can tell what it is! smile

Thankyou for any input...Oh and it feels as though the gland under my jaw is swollen, though it isn't obvious that seems to be what hurts, and it refers up towards inside my ear a little bit. It doesn't seem to be a stone in the saliva gland as it's the same whether I'm eating or not.

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iscream Mon 02-May-11 07:25:10

I get those once in a while, with the sore glands/muscles as well. I gargle with warm salt water and use antiseptic lozenges and it gets better. If I get a fever and feel really ill. I will go to the doctor to rule out strep throat. It has usually not been strep though, and the doc tells me to gargle with salt water, take lozenges. Make sure they are germ killing lozenges rather than pain killing lozenges.
It could be allergies, it is that time of year. Give the salt water a try. smile

Elibean Mon 02-May-11 08:38:32

I've just recovered from a sore throat that lasted over two weeks - sympathies! Mine was initially a cold, but then I had an ulcer on one tonsil, and after a week (when that one was healing) one on the other. Ulcers (like mouth ulcers) stay much the same for about 5-7 days, then get better - maybe you have one? Sometimes impossible to see, if too far back. I'd give it another couple of days, then go see doc - and yes, do also consider allergies as they seem to be pretty dire at the moment for those who get them!

IngridBergman Mon 02-May-11 08:47:05

Oh thankyou guys, that's reassuring. It gets me worried when things don't go away or progress smile

I'll try the salt water, thanks - though it feels like it's the gland, rather than the throat iyswim so might not reach it? I dunno, got to be worth a try.

It could be the tonsil as well, I've never had tonsilitis but even so. thanks, Elibean, will give it a couple more days! Dr isn't open anyway till tomorrow.

Grrr why do these things happen when you start going out with someone gorgeous and want to be ultra kissable? I'm so not! grin

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IngridBergman Mon 02-May-11 08:48:30

have got some antiseptic lozenges so am taking those and ibuprofen when it gets me down.

Thanks again.

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iscream Mon 02-May-11 11:14:51

If you get a sore throat, or ear, the glands often swell on that side. I got a swollen gland once when I had an insect bite near my ear! And I have had very sore throats for days from rice! Rice and ground beef seem to get caught in a little cranny that I can't reach, and until it eventually dissolves, it drives me nuts. Anyways, the glands swell because they are fighting an infection off. The swollen glands are not an problem in themselves, just a symptom that you are coming down with something. They fight it off with white blood cells and antibodies! That is why they can do a blood test and know you have an infection like appendicitis, or cancer, if you have a large amount of white blood cells, they know you are very sick.
My son can get very sick if he gets strep, he must go on antibiotics right away if he gets a fever, sometimes by IV, as he has no spleen, so I am really on alert if anyone has a sore throat and neck. The doc keeps him in until the white cell count goes down, which means, the antibiotics are working.
You can always get your throat checked though, usually the gargle works quite quickly.
And you can always go see your doctor if it gives you peace of mind. smile
Hope you feel better soon.
PS I heard zinc tablets help a sore throat, and I bought some, but have not yet had to try then out!

IngridBergman Mon 02-May-11 17:47:04

Thankyou, that's really interesting. I was on the trampoline for a minute earlier and it's something to do with my ear, for sure, as it felt kind of blocked when I jumped. It all still hurts but now I have a temperature as well, so not sure whether to just wing it and let it sort itself out, or go and see the GP tomorrow - I don't want antibiotics if it can be avoided.

I feel really ropey now. At least it's doing something I suppose.

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BeaZK Thu 20-Jun-19 21:08:51

Hi i know this was a lifetime ago but what happened? As this is exactly me right now and my usually overactive health anxiety is through the roof!

ForeverBaffled Sun 23-Jun-19 18:21:25

I had the exact same thing a couple of months ago. Just a virus (complete with ulcers on tongue and reduced taste) but all went away within a few weeks. Miserable but nothing to fear.

BeaZK Sun 23-Jun-19 19:22:37

Did you have other symptoms? As I have none. Just the sensation of something like a lump on my left side and same when I swallow

ForeverBaffled Mon 24-Jun-19 16:55:48

I did have a sore throat on one side to be honest so assumed a swollen lymph node in relation to that. Maybe see your GP if you’re concerned smile

BeaZK Sat 29-Jun-19 09:43:41

Thank you - the pain has arrived! But still no other symptoms! Have had strong antibiotics for almost a week now but no change. I really don’t know how people cope I’m defeated purely by the unknown

Lcharlotte28 Sat 29-Jun-19 15:11:38

Hi so glad I found someone going through this it’s driving me insane and I can’t find anyone else with the same
Problem 😢 I’ve had sore throat when I swallow on one side for weeks
Now - the pain is bearable but it’s the unknown that is causing me so much stress as I keep thinking it’s something awful.
What are your symptoms exactly? X

BeaZK Mon 01-Jul-19 21:44:07

Hi, I don’t even know what my symptoms are anymore! There is all sorts going on around my ear and neck and mouth predominantly on my left side. Initially just a sensation then a really bad pain and now just maybe numbness. I can also feel what seems to be a node behind my ear. I’m waiting for an ent appt but am absolutely terrified at this stage that it is something awful

Sianypops28 Thu 09-Jan-20 04:25:30

Hi, does anyone have any update on this? I’ve had this now for nearly 4 weeks. Been to see a GP twice and they say viral infection and prescribed rest (I’m a mum of two so that’s almost impossible). Was prescribed antibiotics after week. Took two courses. When I took antibiotics it went away but as soon as I stopped taking it cane back.
Appreciate no one is a medical expert but be great to hear what everyone else’ issues were. Overactive imagination going wild now.

voxnihili Thu 09-Jan-20 22:17:29

I’ve got this too! Started with conjunctivitis and bacterial tonsillitis about a month ago. Was prescribed penicillin which had little effect and now taking erythromycin. I’m so fed up of the sore throat.

Pepper36 Mon 17-Feb-20 21:36:19

How are you feeling now? I feel exactly the same as you described and have been to the GP many times, throat swab was clear and a course of antibiotics but still painful lymph node. I hope things have improved for you?

Pepper36 Mon 17-Feb-20 21:37:24

Sorry I didn’t say, feeling the same as Sianypops!

orangetriangle Wed 19-Feb-20 02:18:17

sore throat is so sore I cant sleep gp says it is a virus

R11taw Tue 10-Mar-20 07:31:21

Has anyone had the symptons that I am experiencing. My throat started with a dry throat quite low in the base. It has developed with a painful discomfort on swallowing even when not eating or drinking. It has times during the day and night when it is obvious and eases other times. I feel now it is more to the right. I dont have earache but it feels occasionally if the right ear is connected to the problem. If I get a reaction it is a dry cough with a slight wheeze in the base of the throat. I have had it for se eral days. Reluctant to contact the surgery. Any thoughts?

Keitho26 Sat 04-Apr-20 21:50:50

Hello every1 . Ive had a sore throat when swallowing for over 8 weeks now ive been to a gp twice she just told me it will go away but lately ive been worrying ive tried to take it futher but no luck in these times with the corona virus i cant get any1 to look at me. Ive no lump or no swelling in the back of my mouth. Its bareable in the day time but at nite is the problem just gets me thinking alot. Any1 with anything similar .

Duhbuters Sun 05-Apr-20 04:27:13

Yes!! It started like a dry patch, almost like what you feel like when you’re about to be sick. At night it got worse. It’s two days later, I’ve take acetaminophen, drank tea w honey & gargled salt water and it still hurts to swallow anything on my left side. I’ve looked in my mouth several times and there’s no swelling. I have no other symptoms other than the soreness on the left side. It’s like at the top left like where your tonsils are. I wouldn’t be concerned if it was actually a swollen tonsil but I see nothing is swollen and also nothing is working! What could be the problem? I’m so glad I found this thread because it seems like no one would have this exact problem

Itoldyouiwasill Sun 05-Apr-20 06:09:30

I've had similar for over 3 weeks plus a sore tongue on same side. Nothing noticeable to see but has made me so miserable with the discomfort.
I've had anti viral meds and now on antibiotics. No change whatsoever but not getting any worse. Just staying exactly the same

claret3189 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:02:45

Difficult at this time since no dr will see anyone. I have a sore throat on one side and slight ear ache. Its dull but is there. I feel like my panicking isnt helping

Keitho26 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:24:42

Maybe im paniking too but something that lasts over 8 weeks im fearing the worst. And not allowed too go get it looked at makes it worsehmm

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