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Tea tree oil on 18 mo DD's toe nail fungus - can I use or not?

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eskimomama Tue 26-Apr-11 13:52:21

I usually post on the Allergy forum, but thought this one is a better place to ask if tea tree oil is safe to use on a 18 months old.

DD has a mild toe nail fungus (barely noticeable but still very much there) and the GP said there isn't any treatment for her age (pills too strong, even for adults, and nail polish too toxic for her age).
I have heard and read many times that tea tree oil is very effective for adults, but I can't find ANY reliable info of its safety for use on toddlers.

I suppose it must be heavily diluted but I would welcome any experience/advice on this. I am still a bit sceptical if it is safe at all at her age.

Any other advice to treat her toe nail fungus welcome!!

Thanks in advance.

pinkstarlight Tue 26-Apr-11 16:25:30

my daughter got a infected toenail when she was little was given antibotics and had to bathe it in warm salted water.

eskimomama Tue 26-Apr-11 17:20:35

Thanks pinkstarlight - how long was the treatment? did she tolerate the antibiotics well?

littlemissjones Wed 22-Jun-11 08:22:46

You might want to give Fungusil a try. It is a solution you apply on the nail, just like nail polish. You'll be surprised how effective it is. The best part about it is that it's totally safe for kids!

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