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Do Easter The LIGHTer Way.........................

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mouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 13:15:34

.................. Send Your Easter Eggs To Us! grin

I'm Mouse.

This Easter I shall mostly be eating cheese and chocolate, at the same time.

We are normally a healthy eating thread, but we've all pogged a bit of late so, we need to kick ass after Easter soon!

<rushes off to cut a chunk slice of finest cheddar> grin

EggstructionsToTheDoubleYolker Sat 09-Apr-11 14:34:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 14:36:53


BitterChocolateEggScoffer Sat 09-Apr-11 14:40:52

Hello, 'tis me Bitter. I need to lose a fair bit but am far to greedy and Lazy to be arsed about it grin

Easter will not be my friend.

TheMasiahNoAVeryNortyMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 14:52:10

Well, just for Easter, I shall be known as the above cos Eggs likes it grin

EggstructionsToTheDoubleYolker Sat 09-Apr-11 14:56:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMessiahNoAVery0tyMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 15:07:46

FFS - this ^ is my name 0ty as in naught y grin

Right, I'm off too. Ice-cream beckons xx

BitterChocolateEggScoffer Sat 09-Apr-11 15:11:00

How about MoussiahFace? grin

I'm eating a cornetto. So there.

TheMessiahNoAVery0tyMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 15:56:16

Solero Berry Explosion grin

It's medicinal, I have an uber sore throat sad

Bitter - that reads like mousse - iahface grin

NotTheMessiahJustMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 16:20:07



This is it, the one I'm stciking too!! grin

BitterChocolateEggScoffer Sat 09-Apr-11 16:40:29

Love it grin

NotTheMessiahJustMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 16:42:22

'sticking to' FFS! Even with a holy name I can't bloody spell! grin

EggstructionsToTheDoubleYolker Sat 09-Apr-11 18:36:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotTheMessiahJustMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 18:50:28


I didn't eat them, I'm having BBQ tonight so will get some real meat inside me <waits for Eggs to snort> grin

Nice dawg - not.

EggstructionsToTheDoubleYolker Sat 09-Apr-11 18:54:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotTheMessiahJustMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 19:06:11

Did you not get them Eggs? shock Not good! Get on the dog n bone and do some shouting.

I feel bloody awful, super sore throat, hurts like a bastard to swallow so DH is out of luck tonight <boak> grin

Earache. Mamma Mia is on as well. No chance of it staying on. I'm a golf widow. No bother, I have it on DVD.

What kills the pain of a sore throat? I've tried lemsip. No honey or real lemon juice.........

OUCH sad

TotalChaos Sat 09-Apr-11 20:02:09

evening all! been to Knutsford today en famille, and got lost in Tatton Park. The only town I've been too where I felt underdressed going round the charity shops hmm. Totally pogged out, kick my ass in an non-s & m secretly pleasurable way please.

btw that red apple cider is lush.

NotTheMessiahJustMouseface Sat 09-Apr-11 20:18:26

I'm going to say night lovelies. I feel fucking awful.

Glad you like the red apple cider TC, tis lush!

Germ free Mwahs to you all xxxxx

swallowedAfly Sat 09-Apr-11 20:41:31

Message withdrawn

TotalChaos Sat 09-Apr-11 21:26:54

never tried the coffee cure but worth a go, as I love coffee anyway.

have tried the strawberry/lime one, it's Rekkoderlig (?sp) it's nice but v sweet. so I share you mantle of trying out all ciders known to mankind. I am not so keen on the cloudy type ones, guess I prefer my booze to taste non-booze like

EggstructionsToTheDoubleYolker Sun 10-Apr-11 09:15:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EggstructionsToTheDoubleYolker Sun 10-Apr-11 10:05:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swallowedAfly Sun 10-Apr-11 10:17:59

Message withdrawn

NotTheMessiahJustMouseface Sun 10-Apr-11 11:13:10

I have tonsillitis sad

TotalChaos Sun 10-Apr-11 11:23:09

oh no, sorry you're a poorly Mousey sad

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