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Karen99 Tue 23-Sep-03 09:18:25

Hi, my 13wk DS has had "clicky" joints since he was born (by clicking I mean it sounds like cracking your knuckles). Originally I thought his ankles clicked because of the way I held them when I changed his nappy and his shoulders clicked because that's where most support goes when picking him up or holding him standing or sitting. The HV and GP both said all joints are normal and that it should improve as he gets stronger.

I have changed the way I hold his legs during a nappy change, but his ankles still click, his shoulders click mostly when we're bf-ing as he is lying down on a nursing pillow even though I try my best to keep pressure off them (not so much now when I pick him up), but now I've noticed his wrists click too...

I am allergic to cows milk myself and have to take calcium suppliments daily. Asked HV if this could affect the quality of my milk and she reassured me that my milk takes as much calcium from me as it needs for baby, but may leave me on the low side so supplements are good.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I thought the clicks would go away as he got stronger, but more just keep appearing!

suedonim Tue 23-Sep-03 13:05:38

Karen, my dd1 clicked all over when she was tiny. It began as 'clunky' hips at birth, which needed to be checked for dislocation, but she was given a clean bill of health. The clicking then spread all over her joints. No one could identify a problem and eventually, the clicking stopped. She is 16 yrs old now and has lovely flexible joints, which enabled her to do really well in ballet and I suspect may have been a bonus if she'd been interested in gymnastics. HTH.

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