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Eyebags!!! Anyone had a blepharoplasty??

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froot Sun 30-Oct-05 18:30:39

Just interested to see booked in to have it done next year and need some 'top tips' to spped up healing/reduce bruising and swelling!

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spidermama Sun 30-Oct-05 18:35:21

What is blepharoplasty froot?

expatinscotland Sun 30-Oct-05 18:36:03

It's a brow lift, spider.

I'd LOVE to have one!

mrspink27 Sun 30-Oct-05 18:37:54

take arnica tablets before and after... lots of other good homeopathic rememdies, really helped after having a cs, all mws very surprised at how quick i healed.

froot Sun 30-Oct-05 18:42:33

No its not a brow lift sorry expat its an eyebag removal. They cut an incision just below the lashline and suck out the fat (bleurgh) and trim the loose skin.

I am also having a tiny bit taken away from the top lids....don't really need that now but as I will be on the slab anyway, so to speak, thought I may as well go the whole hog! Also my top lids are a bit droopy already and think it will be more noticeable once the bags have gone. I don't want to have to go back in a few years time - this is a one - off for me!!

I have always had bags (am 37 now) in fact when I was at uni I was fondly called the bag lady!! Even on toddler photos I had bags!! But they have got MILES worse since I had the kids.

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froot Sun 30-Oct-05 18:43:27

Yes Mrs pink I have stocked up on arnica already as the surgeon recommended it.

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expatinscotland Sun 30-Oct-05 18:54:14

Oh. A 'blephar' is an eyelid, and 'plasty' is a repair. So I thought it was a lift for the eyelid, more commonly known as a brow lift, where the surgeon trims down the eyelid and this oepn the eye a bit more.

expatinscotland Sun 30-Oct-05 18:55:41

Have you tried that stuff for decreasing bags? Think it's called 'Stri-Vectin'? It's expensive, but it may help.

expatinscotland Sun 30-Oct-05 18:55:43

Have you tried that stuff for decreasing bags? Think it's called 'Stri-Vectin'? It's expensive, but it may help.

froot Sun 30-Oct-05 18:57:39

Sadly I am beyond anything but a scalpel.............!

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ladybird4 Sun 26-Feb-12 08:59:05

I'm seriously considering having my upper eye-lids removed this year. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in London?

topsi Sun 26-Feb-12 17:36:43

A brow lift lifts the eye brows and forehead a 'bleph' is eye lid surgery to remove eye bags or lift a heavy eye lid from the top.

afrocurls1 Fri 29-Mar-19 22:31:45

I wonder if you could feedback about the surgery and results.
Kind regards

princessTiasmum Mon 01-Apr-19 20:42:23

The stitches will come out after a week, but you might look as if you have been in a car crash for a while, but you can wear makeup once the stitches are out and concealer will help,
Not painful at all, and will lift you confidence so much

afrocurls1 Mon 01-Apr-19 21:17:16

Hiya Tiasmum
Can you recommend a clinic/ surgeon where you got the works done on your eyes?

princessTiasmum Mon 01-Apr-19 22:42:46

It was a very long time ago, and not sure if its even there now, but there is a good one in York who isnt too expensive, will send you the no

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