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Ovarian cyst removal - what to expect?

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Sexonlegs Sat 02-Apr-11 18:48:35

I have a endometrium cyst and have been told I will need an op to remove the ovary and fallopian tube, and obv the cyst.

I stupidly googled, and have read horror stories about pain/recovery etc. and wondered whether someone on here could give it to me straight!

I have no date yet, but it is constantly on my mind.

Thank you

Sexonlegs Sat 02-Apr-11 21:08:01


Sexonlegs Fri 10-Jun-11 20:42:42


The date is set for 25th July, and I am fretting.

They hope to do it by keyhole... what's the score with that pain wise and recovery wise?

What about if they have to open me up??

moregranny Fri 10-Jun-11 22:35:42

I was operated on as an emergency as my grapefruit sized cyst twisted and caused gangrene, I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time and had no idea until it twisted and gave me unbearable pain, I had major surgery to remove the cyst, tube, ovary and part of my uterus, apart from being able to sneeze, laugh, cough or stand up straight due to the operation scar recovery was fine, bit painful when the cat jumped on my tummy while I was in bed !! You will be fine, x

shell1234 Sat 11-Jun-11 09:56:17

Hi there,

I had my left ovary removed in 2009, the op is fairly straight forward doesnt take too long about half an hour or so. In my case they made a tiny incision on the left hand side and another tiny one above my bikini line (hardly noticeable now so scarring is left to a minimum). I was really anxious before as I have a dd and dp so i was worried about recovery time. To be honest I was discharged the following morning (only because I had the afternoon surgery) and was hoovering and doing housework the following day (probably not supposed to but I did!) I think the not knowing is the worst bit if you have not had it done before. Obviously my sugery was just to remove the ovary and not the tube and cyst so I would imagine your recovery time maybe slightly longer. But I was feeling back to my old self within about two weeks. Just take it easy and take your time and get some rest. As regards to opening you up rather than doing the operation laparoscopically the only way that will come about is if they find it difficult during the op and feel it necessary to do that instead. If that does happen (which Im sure it wont) then that just means maybe an extra night in hospital and slighty longer to recover. Hope this helps and keep us posted how you get on.xx

NanaB2010 Sun 12-Jun-11 08:57:08

Try not to get worried by all the information you read. I had a huge ovarian cyst and one ovary removed as an emergency some years ago, before the days when the op was routinely performed laproscopically. If you have to have the large incision it's a bit like a caesarian recovery period. I actually went back to work after 2 weeks, even though I was told it would take 6 weeks. If you have the laproscopic version you should make a really quick recovery, I think. Best of luck.

Sexonlegs Sun 12-Jun-11 18:38:06

Thanks all.

I am having the left ovary (with cyst) and fallopian tube removed. I had a 6 cm endometrium cyst in November, and am now wondering what size it is after all these months of waiting sad

I have 2 dd's, 8 and 4 and dh is starting a new job tomorrow so I guess I am fretting about managing stuff. We are also 1 week in to an 8 week extension! And breathe smile

I am due in at Midday, so I imagine I may be in overnight depending on what what I am actually operated on.

I am also worrying (am sure unneccesarily) about what else there might be in there and if any bits have been damaged.

orangeflutie Mon 13-Jun-11 11:24:55

Hi Sexonlegs sorry to read you're so worriedsad It's completely understandable.
I had very similar feelings. The waiting is the worst I think.

I had a cyst on my left ovary removed on the 2nd June. I first knew about the cyst last October when it showed up on an ultrasound. I was told it was about 6 cm and would need to be removed. I first saw a consultant gynaecologist in December who did little to allay any fears I have. She was very abrupt, no bedside manner at all and just said to me after a painful internal without looking at me, that I would need surgery, probably lose the left ovary and it would perhaps not be possible to remove it laparoscopically. I would need to sign a consent form for a possible laparotomy. I left hospital that day feeling very scared and shaken up. After having previously undergone a laparoscopy last April, I had imagined I could cope with surgery. However I felt very shocked by her manner. I also thought yes I have a cyst but I don't really want you to operate on me.

After a week or so while the news sank in, I thought I would speak to my doctor and arrange to be referred to another consultant for a second opinion. This was arranged and when I saw him I felt happier. He was confident he could remove the cyst laparoscopically, being a specialist in this and endometriosis.

Obviously doing this has meant I had to wait longer for surgery but I believe it was worth the wait. I have three dds, a DH who is often away and no grandparents living near, so like you I was concerned about recovery times and managing things.

I went in for day surgery and in the end kept my left ovary. It wasn't necessary to remove it thankfully. The cyst turned out to be only 4cm. I had also been worrying that it had got bigger since discovery. I have three small incisions on my tummy instead of a much larger scar. With the laparoscopic method you do experience pain from gas which needs to disperse after surgery so I was a quite out of it for a while on strong painkillers. The good news is the scars are healing well and nothing sinister was found. I have much less pain this second week apart from quite a big bruise on my belly button!

Good luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes well for you x

orangeflutie Mon 13-Jun-11 11:26:50

Sorry meant near not on belly button!

Sexonlegs Mon 13-Jun-11 16:11:05

Thanks Orangeflutie. Glad to hear you are making a good recovery. Hope you continue to do so.

It is the waiting and wondering that is doing me in. I just want to get on with it, especially as today I have had quite a bit of pain (not dreadful, but enough to remind me it is there) and I look about 4 months pregnant sad

My inlaws have offered to help, but I am really cross with mil atm (another story) but may have to let her do it. Luckily as we have building work going on, there won't be anywhere for them to stay, so they may have to take the dd's off. My Dad will come over on the day; he is great, but his hearing isn't the best bless him. Sadly my lovely Mum who was very able, died 6 months ago. I think that too is impacting how I feel; I still feel quite wobbly about her passing, and I just wish she was here as I know she would be such amazing support. Dh is doing his best, but he isn't Mum.

Sorry for all that!!

MoreBeta Mon 13-Jun-11 16:24:04

DW had a laparotomy and it will take a lot longer to get over than laparoscopy. Put plans in place to make sure you do not do anything for 2 weeks and very little for 4 weeks. Don't plan on driving anywhere either. Get all your shopping delivered so if you are not getting supermarket online shopping already get it sorted out now with an account and a few trial runs.

Make sure your DH is ready for the eventuality tat you may need a laparotomy and not planning anything at work. He needs to be at home ASAP after work and doing all the housework and childcare. You need to get childcare sorted and the builders out of your house before the operation. The pain is not severe but you will be very very tired.

Sexonlegs Mon 13-Jun-11 17:39:40


Already do Tesco on-line. The builders will still have a week or 2 in the house; not a lot I can do about that to be honest.

Dh will just have to muck in more than usual. smile

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