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Gallbladder removal - side effects

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TheMoominator Wed 30-Mar-11 19:36:20

Had gallbladder removed on Thursday last week via keyhole. The "feeling like I've been kicked in the stomach by a horse" has gone a little now, but the stitches hurt when I walk more than to the end of the street. I've also completely lost my appetite, and was tempted back into eating with a small bowl of stew on Monday, however I spent the rest of the evening on the loo :-( I'm now back to square one and afraid to eat anything - no appetite to speak of, and sticking to dry toast. Anyone else had this - if so, how long did it last for? Any hints/tips on what to eat? I've been told no dairy, and low fat.

Also, absorbable stitches: how long did you have to keep them covered up with dressings for?

Thanks in advance

wfrances Wed 30-Mar-11 19:55:43

sorry your feeling so bad,
i was straight back to normal eating ,my doctor told me to eat anything.
my stitches did not hurt either maybe you should see your gp.
i did have the runs for a week with anything/everything but no tummypain.
my dressings fell off after a few days ,wounds got air and dried up very quickly.
are your wounds seeping or have they dried into scabs?
have you got any redness/heat around them?

TheMoominator Wed 30-Mar-11 19:59:13

Thanks for your advice - greatfully appreciated!

I had a shower on Sunday night, and removed the dressings afterwards, and recovered them once they were dry. I've had the same dressing on ever since. Underneath is like a small strip of plaster which I assume is the stitches. No pain, except for today, ironically walking back from the gp! No redness or heat. I think I might take them off tomorrow and have a day without them on at home. Hope I don't get any visitors

wfrances Wed 30-Mar-11 20:11:01

just keep your pjs on tomorrow,maybe its trauma under the incision your feeling ,take some pain meds.
an after thought my scars itched for months,
5 years later the top middle one still does once in a while????

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 31-Mar-11 07:59:15

I had mine done nine years ago. I wasn't given any instructions about eating afterwards and flew to the ME a week post op.
I would give your consultant a ring to ask for some advice. It doesn't sound right to me, not worryingly wrong, just not quite right.

Am36butfeel66 Thu 31-Mar-11 12:26:33

Hi had my gall bladder out in Jan, and I still have diarrhoea quite a bit at times depending in what I eat.
Dissolvable stitches are usually internally, and what you are describing sounds like paper steri-strips. These can be removed after a week to 10 days, but you do not need to cover them with a plaster over the top at this stage. It is good to let the air at wound to let it scab.
Do you have a follow up app with a nurse to check your wound? If not I would make app with nurse at gp to check your wounds as you may not need the paper steri-strips any more.

If you got the pain after walking that is very common, I still get pain now after al this time when I walk about too much, and my port sites are still a bit tender to touch.
The diarrhoea is a very common side effect post gall bladder repair, it is usually due to the bile irritating your bowels etc causing your bowels to work too much, but there are some different medications can help. I would go to gp, as you don not have to put up with it when there a medications that can help.

If you can try and eat small meals frequently rather than one larger meal. I started eating dried cereal in handfuls every few hours and keep your fluid intake up, avoid coffee and tea as this can irritate too. Dry cereal is better tga toast if it is a fortified variety.
I found I could eat rice and steamed chicken ok at first. You may need a multivitamin too as if you are not eating then you will not be getting your intake of essential vitamins and minerals that ate need for healing. Check with your gp.

Jaseon Wed 06-Apr-11 12:01:50

I had my gallbladder removed a week ago. Eating fine, but am constipated and stools are very large causing pain and bleeding when passing! Aclso have bad headaches, sudden stabbing pains where scars are and so tired I could sleep all day - is this normal?

Am36butfeel66 Wed 06-Apr-11 13:28:26

Jaseon, are you taking any pain killers at the moment, as codeine based ones can constipate you. If you are constipated then a headache can in some people can be a symptom of constipation. Increase your water intake, and make sure you are eating plenty of fruit and veg. I find stewed apple or plums a really good natural bowel softener. You may need a mild laxative or chemical bowel softener, but best to check with your gp or pharmacist which you need. Try not and let yourself get constipated as it can make you have increased abdominal pain.

Being tired is completely normal, you have had an anaesthetic and surgery which will take a few weeks for you to feel like yourself again. Try and rest when you can and take it easy. No lifting either. You shouldn't expect your body to bounce back after surgery so quick, for some people it takes months before they are symptom free. So rest up, drink plenty of liquids, and relax.

Hope you feeling better soon, but do get your constipation sorted out as it will help make you feel better. Check with gp or pharmacist.

stomp Tue 31-May-11 14:34:20

I know this is an old thread but i'm after advice about my wounds.
Its almost two weeks since my op and everything seems ok, i took the steri strips off as instructed by the hospital but now i can see a thread on two of my wounds, one is def a thread poking out the end about half cm long. No one mentioned having to have stitches removed, i was in hospital for 7 days because of a small complication so surely they would have done it? or mentioned what to do when i was discharged as i was told when to take steri strips off?? i'm wondering if they are dissolvable but it will be 2 weeks tomorrow. Any thoughts?

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