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A place to whinge about chronic pain

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PliezReleaseMe Thu 24-Mar-11 21:25:58 that I do less of it in real life.

For me it's hypermobile joints and particularly knee pain, have had it for 20 years & recently had surgery to correct it. Still too early to tell what impact it will have.

Right now though I just want to have a good old sob and a whinge and say that I am fed up of having to think about pain, manage pain, medicate for pain, find ways to overcome or push through pain. I am tired of having constipation/runs, hives, itchy skin and brain fog from pain meds. I am tired of having anxiety attacks because of frustration about my restricted mobility.

I know everyone gets aching joints, but there are times when the pain is so bad that I feel faint and nauseous.

Does anyone else manage chronic pain, the kind that no-one can promise will heal or get better? What strategies do you use?

PliezReleaseMe Thu 24-Mar-11 21:30:18

Oh dear, I think that might be the most uninviting thread title I have ever read.

AtYourCervix Thu 24-Mar-11 21:38:32

sucked me in grin

my back hurts. it's been hurting for about 6 weeks now (this time).

Seeing osteopath again tomorrow but it's not helping at all. I'm functioning and able to work but it still hurts and i have to be constantly careful. the shootig pain down my thighs makes me feel sick. Tens is my best friend.

And i can't sleep properly. it wakes me up when i thrash around turn over. which in turn makes me bloody knackeredall day.

so. probably need to go back to the docs again.

herbietea Thu 24-Mar-11 21:47:33

Message withdrawn

PliezReleaseMe Thu 24-Mar-11 21:55:28

Sorry to hear about your back (and to suck you in grin )

The word "functioning" stands out in your post. Grim, innit?

I can also relate to having to be careful about doing everything. I was walking along chatting to someone whose company I really enjoy today, and I couldn't give them my attention because the pavement was on a camber and it was killing me. I can't really say "please hold that thought until we get past that lampost over there." Cambers are the devil's work.

Sleeplessness, too. DH has been doing nights with our youngest for the last few weeks due to surgery (I did try one night, but my leg fell out of bed too quickly in the dark and my yelling woke the whole house up). He is still sleeping better than me, although I do get to lie down all night mumsnetting on my phone

Does anything trigger your back pain or is it a randomly visiting bastard?

PliezReleaseMe Thu 24-Mar-11 21:59:25

Goodness herbietea, that sounds really tough. Well done you.

What is the surgery for? One good thing I have found about my recent surgery (trying glass half full here) is that I could go to bed with impunity for a while.

I'm now getting to that stage where people can see me doing a bit and expect me to be back to "normal".

AtYourCervix Thu 24-Mar-11 22:00:05

Herbs that sounds really shit. mine is mild in comparison.

i've a dodgy weak spot which pops randomly. think it's a disk.

PliezReleaseMe Thu 24-Mar-11 22:07:18

Randomly visiting bastard, then. They tend to have shit timing, don't they?

herbietea Thu 24-Mar-11 22:33:47

Message withdrawn

ohboob Thu 24-Mar-11 22:51:21

Great to see this thread. I'm coping at present, but do have more moments of struggling than not struggling IYSWIM. Chronic pain for 17 years, since the age of 11. At times very severe. I have EDS and M.E.

It has been a terrible year so far but as I said I'm much better at present. I have a great osteo and just have to take it very easy (which gets extremely boring and frustrating).

PliezReleaseMe Thu 24-Mar-11 22:54:58

I hope it gives you a good result then, herbie. It's amazing how much surgery advances from year to year.

Have you got lots of help planned post-surgery?

thequeensspeech Fri 25-Mar-11 09:53:32

I'll join in too. I've been in chronic pain for 9 months now, which I know is nothing compared to the years of suffering some of you have endured. Cannot walk without pain, every step is agony. My gp thinks its my SI joints. I've been seeing an osteopath, infact paid out another £40 yesterday for the pleasure. The result has been nada, got up this morning and the pain stated as soon as I began moving. Bloody sick of it.

It sucks sad

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 25-Mar-11 10:00:09

drawn me in I have psoriatic arthritis. I don't tend to complain irl though I do state if it is particularly bad. It is quite bad at the moment. That is because I am rubbish at resting. I often refuse to give in when perhaps I ought. there is so much to do in life and time marches on so quickly! Making me privately quite tearful atm.

I think friends think it is a few sore joints. They don't realise the exhaustion and generally slightly fluey feeling that goes with it. Stated it was bad to a friend yesterday. Her response was 'is it?' and that was that. Some sympathy and acknowledgement would on occasion be quite welcome.

You are all having it rather rough herbietea - you are a bit of a wreck grin I really really hope that the surgery helps because it sounds close to unbearable.

Here is hoping that Spring provides a little relief to some of us.

AtYourCervix Fri 25-Mar-11 17:57:51

I hve been accupunctured. weird.

KatyMac Fri 25-Mar-11 18:03:01

Can I come too?

I have (maybe) reactive arthritis along with IBS, CFS, Partial prolapse, unstable hips & a bladder repair

I hurt

AtYourCervix Fri 25-Mar-11 18:23:15

i'd offer wine but i've given it up for lent.

feel most odd after my puncturing. is that normal?

KatyMac Fri 25-Mar-11 20:23:30

I am spending a fortune on hot water; the bath is the only place I am less uncomfortable

I didn't like acupuncture; but acupressure is fab

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 25-Mar-11 20:28:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyMac Fri 25-Mar-11 20:37:08

What? Do you mean life?

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 25-Mar-11 20:41:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyMac Fri 25-Mar-11 20:57:23

I did that a while ago (95-97); I now live a very 'controlled' life. I make decisions about which things I can do.

DD's psychologist pointed this out as a bad thing but while it's lovely to pop off to London for the weekend or spend the whole day at the beach it's not so good if it means you can't work for the next week.

'Control' should be a bloody swear word

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 25-Mar-11 21:10:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyMac Fri 25-Mar-11 21:12:39

I cheat; I'm self employed grin

Just re-reading the OP and yes I agree pain & nausea go together

I wish I had a big tattoo or a rash; so I could say 'Look you can see I am ill'

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 25-Mar-11 21:24:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ArthurPewty Fri 25-Mar-11 21:28:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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