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One Sided Rash Not Shingles, Any Ideas?

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Evenstar Thu 24-Mar-11 06:39:22

On Tuesday morning I woke up with a sore spot that looked like an insect bite just above my hip, within 10 minutes another one appeared following a line and then a third on my ribs to form a triangle. I have had shingles before and thought the spots looked suspicious and was due to see someone I knew had a problem with a lack of immunity to chicken pox. I rang the surgery and the nurse practitioner saw me and said she didn't think it was shingles but I should go and see her again the next day if I had more spots.

On Wednesday morning I woke up with a line of spots along where my bra goes and 2 small patches of red skin with little spots one on my shoulder and one on the inner side of my breast. These were all on my left side not crossing the midline and having spoken to the nurse practitioner on the phone she said it did sound like shingles and she wanted me to come in again.

I went down to the surgery and she said because of the two patches she ddin't think it could be shingles and called the doctor to have a look. The doctor said if it was just the two lines she would have said it was shingles, but she said it could be an allergic reaction. When I asked how it could be an allergic reaction on just one side of my body during the night and not on the side I usually sleep on, she said "We don't have all the answers". I was prescribed some Timodine cream which has reduced the swelling, but the spots are still there though there seem to be no more this morning.

Confusingly the nurse practitioner has told me to avoid people who are immuno suppressed in case this is an infectious disease, I work with young children and although I don't feel unwell am now doubtful if I should go in tomorrow. Any advice or thoughts on my mystery ailment? Thanks in advance.

blinks Thu 24-Mar-11 09:20:31

em shingles!

rockinhippy Thu 24-Mar-11 09:37:38

I've had something similar but on my head/upper body, saw 3 different GPs in the end, as it became quite painful, sort of sunburn like & I was struggling with it

first said possible shingles, but was puzzled as it didn't follow an expected pattern - apparently shingles follows nerve pathways so is easy to spot because of the area the rash/blisters cove

2nd insisted it was n't shingles & maybe chickenpox hmm - which I'd had already as a child & wasn't around anyone with it at the time

last 1 also thought it was shingles, she seemed a lot more knowledgeable & explained that were as there are set patterns shingle follows, there are several different types of shinges & the herpes virus (cause of all) in general shows up as a blistery rash in some form - she did give me a shingles treatment drug, which did help.

Do you have other health problems?? I ask because I've now had this flare up a few times, other times I've managed it with antihistamines as thankfully not as painful & I've since read that for some, it can come be a symptom of M.E./CFS - which I do have a diagnosis of

Definitely go back, check which GP at your surgery has the most experience & make an appointment with them

good luck

rockinhippy Thu 24-Mar-11 09:38:39

WHERE as there are set patterns blush

Evenstar Thu 24-Mar-11 10:57:36

Thanks ladies, I think it must be some kind of shingles, but will just carry on applying cream and monitor it as it has gone down and no new spots so far today. I have been told that I am OK to work if it is shingles as it passed on by touching the rash and I don't think anyone is going to be doing that. No other health problems as such, but will bear in mind the ME as I am always very tired, but have put that down to my underactive thyroid and a very busy life.

rockinhippy Thu 24-Mar-11 11:12:07

Interesting Evenstar

I suspect my M.E. may actually be down to undiagnosed Thyroid problems, lot of it in my family & my tests have shown borderline/positive & negative, though my GP just doesn't take it that seriously & has refused an endo referralhmm

Evenstar Thu 24-Mar-11 18:22:44

I have actually never seen an endocrinologist despite being diagnosed over 18 years ago after my second pregnancy, I am thinking of trying to get a referral now as I have just moved house and am registered with a new surgery. I have never felt the same as I used to before the thyroid was diagnosed, other than when it was measuring overactive when my third child was born. My tests always show the levels are normal or very slightly above but I am told that there is no way to tell what your own personal normal was before, which would explain not feeling the same. My friend like you was borderline and was allowed a trial taking just 25 mcg of thyroxine which made her feel a lot better.

iamhereoodles Mon 05-Sep-16 07:44:53

I just found this and while the person is gone maybe someone new is seeing it like I am. I am currently off and on going on with the same thing. I know its not shingles. depending on the circumstances you should check out typical vs contact dermatitis, hives , and/ or T.S.S if the patient is a women. I thought I had poison ivy, but it was T.S.S. , but the misdiagnoses plus new creams cause contact dermatitis. you should go to a dermatologist instead of a GP. that's what I learned the hard way.

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