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Can teething cause vomiting?

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Enid Tue 16-Sep-03 11:40:48

Just a quickie as I have to dash out, but dd1 has had two periods of vomiting - one was a couple of months ago when she cut her first tooth and one is going on right now - and lo and behold (finally!) her second tooth is appearing. I Googled, but everything I read said that teething does not cause vomiting - does anyone have any practical experience of this?

LIZS Tue 16-Sep-03 11:50:00

Spookily, I just added to a post this morning re mouthing. dd is just 2, cutting molars and is dribbling so much her t shirt had a patch the size of a teaplate within an hour this morning. Last night she went down as usual but awoke at around 10.15 and was sick. Took her onto our bed whilst we sorted her cot out and she was sick twice before settling, not a lot but more than justa mouthful of saliva, and then woke again 45 mins later to be sick. She had reflux as a baby and seems to be gagging as she swallows the accumulated saliva.

To answer your question I think so and remember her behaving similarly about a year ago when she cut 7 in a month, although that also coincided with other things.

Ghosty Tue 16-Sep-03 12:01:58

I was told by a French doctor that DS was vomiting due to teething ... and I still don't believe it!
We were on holiday in France (DS was 20 months old) and he had a temperature of 40 degrees and couldn't keep anything down. After 36 hours of terrible vomiting (couldn't even keep the tiniest sip of water down) we took him to the doctor who said it was teething. I was really quite upset as DS hadn't even cried when his first 6 teeth came through before he was 12 months. I didn't believe the doctor ... but he gave us anti sickness medicine and paracetamol suppositories and after another 12 hours DS began to get better.
Over the next 2 months my poor DS got 10 teeth ... so the doctor might have been right ... But I still think he had a bug!

Enid Tue 16-Sep-03 12:54:53

That does sound like a bug Ghosty - think you are right to be sceptical!

I would have thought dd2 had a bug too, except she has very slight diaorreah and no other symptoms. She was fine yesterday and all night, then this morning she threw back her breakfast. Doesn't seem to be ill but more grizzly than usual. I suppose it could be a bug but this is the second time she's done this - the first time the sickness ended when her first tooth came through, now I can see that her second is just appearing...

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Mon 24-Jan-05 20:18:40

Look! Look! I searched the archives and found a thread I started but had forgotten. Clever Enid

Anyway I can now definitively say that teething does cause vomiting as dd2 (now 2.4) has upchucked three times today and lo and behold, her last back tooth is poking through.

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 20:27:40

V interesting, Enid. Does it cause extra pooing too? DS (4.5 months) been pooing and dribbling like crazy for two days/nights.

handlemecarefully Mon 24-Jan-05 22:43:40

My ds is teething currently (chewing on everything, red cheeks, lots of saliva) and is also vomiting. However I am pretty sure the vomiting is coincidence, and that he has a bug in his case. His soiled nappied smell like a mixture of wet fish and sulphur!

colditzmum Mon 24-Jan-05 23:28:48

My ds always does revolting nappies whenever he is teething, they smell so acidic and vomity! It's the only time they ever smell like this.

redsky Mon 24-Jan-05 23:39:01

ooooh I can even remember the smell of 'teething' nappies - and it was 12 years ago! and they were kind of soft and gooey yuuuuuuuuukk!!

shellie1307 Thu 10-Mar-05 09:44:52

my 10 month old son has got his bottom 2 teeth. his top 2 are now coming trew. HOW DO I STOP HIM GRINDING THEM 2 GETHER HES DRIVING ME MAD

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