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Still has bump on head after a fall 2 weeks ago

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macwoozy Fri 21-Oct-05 16:17:04

My ds fell over and bumped his head on hard ground a couple of weeks ago. I spoke to the doctor, she reassured me that he seemed O.K but advised me to pop down to A&E if he developed any symptoms. He's been absolutely fine, but I've just noticed when stroking his head that he still has the bump 2 weeks later. Is this normal?

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JonesTheSteam Fri 21-Oct-05 16:29:21

I'm wondering about this as macwoozy - Dd fell at the end of the summer holidays (end of August) in the kitchen and caught her head on the corner of the kitchen table. If it had been a sharp corner, suspect she would have cut her head open - as it was she had very bad bruise with a line down the middle (DH very cruelly said she looked like a Klingon from Star Trek!)

She also still has a bump on her forehead - so I'd say, yes, probably normal for 2 weeks - what about 2 months down the line though?

kid Fri 21-Oct-05 16:30:27

DD bumped her head quite hard 4 years ago and she still has a lump. Its on her forehead to one side, not so noticeable to look at but you can feel it.

JonesTheSteam Fri 21-Oct-05 16:31:45

DD's is right in the middle of her forehead - you can see it if the light's on it a certain way, and you can certainly feel it if you run your hand over it.

D'you think it's likely to be there forever then?

kid Fri 21-Oct-05 16:34:44

Maybe it will go down slightly as time passes. DD did actually fall on her head (in exactly the same place) at least 3 times which could be why her lump is still here 4 years later!

macwoozy Fri 21-Oct-05 16:35:10

Just me being a totally neurotic mother again, here's me thinking that he must have a fractured skull with internal bleeding.

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JonesTheSteam Fri 21-Oct-05 16:40:16

Is it common for it to still be tender as well - just asked DD if I could feel her forehead and she asked me to gentle 'cos it's still sore - and when I touched the top of the bump she flinched and said ow!!!

Sorry about the hijack macwoozy!!

macwoozy Fri 21-Oct-05 16:44:46

If it's still sore after 2 months then that would really concern me.

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JonesTheSteam Fri 21-Oct-05 16:49:49

Where would I take her now?

BTW she hasn't complained about it still hurting before!!!!!!

JonesTheSteam Fri 21-Oct-05 16:50:13

GP probably, d'you think?

perfumelady Thu 03-Nov-05 22:11:05

macwoozy did his head swell when he fell, my little girl fell over on tarmac (with hands in pocket) just over two years ago her head swelled big time but it didn't split, we were on holiday at the time we got some frozen peas to bring down the swelling, i too phoned for advice , why the hell we didn't take her to hospital i don't know, and i really regret that i didn't, the next day she had two black eyes that lasted for a couple weeks as did the huge bump, i was advised that if she was sick or went drowsey to take her to hospital but she was fine in her self and a nurse told me that swelling was a good sign, if there is no swelling with such a big bang that is not good, but still to this day every time she is ill i panic that it is something to do with her bad fall, like you i think tumor, if she frowns i can see a little in dent, i have convinced my self that it must be a little crack in her scull. am i just being stupid? could there still be repercussions even after two years?somebody please advise me i can't get this out of my head

JonesTheSteam Fri 04-Nov-05 10:17:49

perfumelady - can't really advise as no medical knowledge and I didn't take my DD to the GP after. (This might be a bit rambling - sorry!!!)

My DH came home and I asked him whether we should be worrying about DD's head. He had a look at it and felt around the bump and this time DD said 'It doesn't hurt now' so I think she was putting it on with me! (Typical!!!)

DH reckons the dent in her forhead from the fall is still there now, because children's bones at this age are very soft.

Last Christmas Day my DD had to be taken to hospital after my gran (bless her!!!) put a chair down on DD's bare foot and then sat on it (Owwwwwww!!). DD's foot was x-rayed and wasn't broken - the doctor said that it was very unlikely to be broken before the x-ray as children's bones are much softer than adults. Her foot bones were compressed by the chair and her foot was bruised, and there is still a mark there now, but it's not painful at all.

So DH thinks it's likely to be the same thing with my DD's forehead - as for the dent - it might always be there, but he doesn't think it's anything to worry about.

As I said, no medical knowledge here, buy my DH has a lot of common sense, whereas I tend to panic about the slightest thing and get myself all worked up!!! So I'm inclined to believe him!

HTH is some way!!!

JonesTheSteam Fri 04-Nov-05 10:18:25

That was supposed to read HTH in some way

JonesTheSteam Fri 04-Nov-05 10:19:46

God - my spelling's bad this am - but my DH has a lot of common sense (note to self - preview message!!!)

foxinsocks Fri 04-Nov-05 10:25:02

very similar to perfumelady, my dd (when she was about 3) was running and tripped and hit her cheek bone full force on the corner of a bench (hard edged corner) in the park. The bump was extraordinary - it was like an egg on her cheek. Why we didn't take her to the hospital, I don't know but after 5 minutes she had stopped crying and although she said it was sore, she wasn't inconsolable, so we left it. She got 2 massive black eyes (it spread across her face).

About 4 weeks later there was still a bump so we went to the GP who gave us an absolute bollocking for not taking her to hospital! He said he thought it wasn't broken (because she would let him touch it) but that sometimes, when they hit themselves hard, the muscle (and something else I can't remember!) tenses up and often makes a little hard lump where the actual point of impact was. It lasted around 3 months but even now, I can see, in the right light, where that bump was.

Hope that helps!

alisonm85 Fri 06-Jul-18 22:46:06

Did the doctor recommend any treatment? I bumped my head 3 weeks ago and I have a lump the size of a grape above my eyebrow still. Other half wants me to go to doctor but I thought there’s not much they could do but wait for it to go down. Any advice appreciated.

DanCW Fri 29-Nov-19 22:57:55

Hi Alison,

I have a very similar situation walking into a door 2 1/2 weeks ago and bump still evident to me.

It’s been about a year and a half since your incident and am very curious if you were able to heal? If so, what did you do? I hope it all worked out either wat and thank you for reading/any advice or updates you might provide.

Have a good holiday season,

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