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anniepanniepears Wed 02-Mar-11 12:26:56

Anyone know anything about this or how to increase calcium in your diet
for example what foods help you retain calcium and which foods dont

trope Wed 02-Mar-11 14:31:38

I have osteopenia - on being diagnosed I was prescribed calcium with vitamin D tablets (you need the vitamin D to absorb the calcium). Have you been prescribed these? They are much higher dosages than the calcium supplements you can pick up at the chemists.

Foods rich in calcium are dairy products (Milk, cheese, yoghurt etc) and most soya milks are fortified with calcium as well. Fish with edible bones are good too. The NHS has info about sources of calcium on various pages e.g.

Load bearing exercise (walking, light weights etc) is really important too, as it will help your bones use the calcium and regain strength.

I was told to avoid having too much caffeine as it isn't good for uptake of calcium/bone density - but having read around it seems that the research isn't terribly clear on this, so I have some caffeine (can't live without my morning coffee!) and try not to worry too much about it.

Hope that helps!

anniepanniepears Wed 02-Mar-11 16:29:17

Thanks trope
I broke my leg on christmas day and I was asked to go for a dexa scan because Iam over 50.

I had one yesterday and was told that at the moment I dont need to take any medication for osteopenia but to increase my calcium intake.

The booklet that I was given is a bit confusing
on one page it mentions high calcium foods but on the next page it tells you that some of the same foods that contain protein may result in calcium being drawn out of the skeleton.

It is as you say the research isn't clear.

I go to my own Dr next week and I will see what he says.I was also told about weight bearing exercise but that will have to wait as Iam not fully recovered from the broken leg.

lubberlich Wed 02-Mar-11 18:51:20

I have osteoporosis and osteopaenia - and it is getting worse due to breast cancer meds.
I have a baby trampoline which is supposed to be one of the best forms of weight bearing exercise to stimulate bone growth. I feel (and look) ridiculous hefting up and down on it but hopefully it is working.

trope Thu 03-Mar-11 12:31:03

@anniepanniepears - what an awful christmas present! How is your leg doing? Do you have long to go before it's all fixed?

Hopefully your doctor can shed some light on the best course of action for you!

@lubberlich - the baby trampoline sounds like fun - ridiculousness be damned! Wish I had space in my living room for one!! I used to do wii fit when I was first getting over my arthritis flare and i'd jog in incredibly small circles around my living room holding the wii-mote! Definitely looked daft, but didn't care, was just so relieved to be up and on my feet again!!

I hope you get clear of the cancer/nasty meds soon and make a full recovery!

anniepanniepears Thu 03-Mar-11 14:09:28

lubberlich I have also been using the wii for exercise and I have been enjoying it but I use it in the bedroom where no one can see me.
Hope you are not on the meds too long and you are feeling better soon.

troope I recon that I will be off work for another 4weeks at least but I have been out for walks the past week, the only thing is the more I walk the more my foot swells up ,I have been told that eating dried figs helps your body retain calcium so will try them

pippop1 Fri 04-Mar-11 17:29:13

I was told that osteoporosis is one of the only diseases where it is actually good if you are a bit overweight! You are literally "carrying more weight".

Pickles2011 Wed 22-Jun-11 13:00:51

The National Osteoporosis Society have a really useful leaflet called 'Healthy Bones - facts about food' that explains the latest thinking about Calcium, Protein, Vitamin D, Salt etc etc. They also have information about weight bearing exercise that could help. They can be downloaded from their website or you can call the helpline 0845 450 0230

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