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Osteopathy....silly question?

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twiglett Fri 12-Sep-03 08:13:12

message withdrawn

pupuce Fri 12-Sep-03 08:25:16

Yes - see how you feel later today. Call her if you are worried though !

SoupDragon Fri 12-Sep-03 08:33:27

Yes Mine warned me that it might feel like I'd been 10 rounds with Tyson for about a day and he was right! Heat is good too & very soothing. You also need to be careful about lifting etc on the day of treatment.

twiglett Fri 12-Sep-03 09:09:08

message withdrawn

waterbaby Fri 12-Sep-03 09:48:17

I felt like I'd been beaten black and blue after one os treatment - but it wasn't the first one, I'd been having it for some time when it happened just as you describe. The rest of the times it had been fine, but the tips about taking it as easy as possible afterwards are worth listening too - not sure its possible with a toddler though! Hows it feeling this morning?

oliveoil Fri 12-Sep-03 10:02:57

Agree. When I had it my back felt very hot all day and painful the next but eased up.

Obviously, when dh had it done for his back his pain was far worse than anyone had ever endured ever in the history of pain.

Demented Fri 12-Sep-03 22:38:49

twiglett, don't know how close Osteopathy is to Chriopracty (sp?) but I have visited the Chiropractor for the first time this week, initially for a pain in my lower back with a follow-up appointment two days later and inbetween appointments had my neck injured at the hairdresser so the follow-up appointment involved alot of work on my neck. My lower back was slightly worse after the treatment and my neck has been really sore, had difficulty sleeping last night, however my lower back feels loads better now and hopefully my neck will improve too.

My Chiropractor did warn that it would get worse before it would get better.

Hope you are more comfortable soon!

waterbaby Sat 13-Sep-03 14:05:25

Its always the way oliveoil!

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