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Vitamin K

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Maggiew Tue 18-Sep-01 10:45:50

What are the main reasons people opt for vitamin k being administered orally as opposed to via injection please?

Pupuce Tue 18-Sep-01 13:51:05

I don't know but have you considered not giving it at all ? In several countries they do not give vitamin K (I believe this is the case of the US).
We have not given it to both our children. The first time we were told "this is what we do in this country!"... the second time the midwife was more sympathetic... she said "if you plan to stay at home (meaning not transport your baby everywhere) for the first weeks, you should not needed".

Lizp Tue 18-Sep-01 14:36:18

If I remember correctly there is a suggestion that the increase in childhood leukemia is related to the vitamin K jab but that there is not meant to be a link with the oral version.

Emmagee Tue 18-Sep-01 21:09:00

My reason would have been not to add to the trauma they have already suffered, but I know that they prefer to give it by injection to ensure the full dose is received.

juejue Thu 10-Apr-03 13:38:06

can't answer your question, but i do know that we did give our little girl it when she was born in hospital as we were told that it was quiet easy to administer within 24hrs if it was required. she's doing fine!

ninja Thu 10-Apr-03 13:49:02

I searched to find out about this when I first found out about it - there were a couple of studies in the UK that showed a possible link to childhood leukemia but these were not backed up in studies in other countries. I guess it's just odds isn't it? They give it to stop the possibility of bleeding in the brain so if there is a traumatic birth or caesarian it could be more important.

I must admit I'm still wondering what to do, but I think I will have it 'cos if my baby were to bleed I would know I could have done something. It's hard isn't it?

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