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talk to me about mooncups please!!

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jinxediam Mon 21-Feb-11 12:21:53

Am looking for ways in cutting down my monthly shop and seem to spend a fortune on sanitary wear...are mooncups worth it? do they leak? I usually use tampons but am pretty heavy for the first 3 days so get through a fair few blush

All advice and opinions greatly received!

StealthPolarBear Mon 21-Feb-11 12:23:57

they're brilliant
i bought one about 3/4 months ago, i have tampons to use up and each time I promise myself that next time I will use them and each time I can't face it. Apart from a couple of heavy days I can forget about ym period entirely from getting up in the morning to going to bed.

bebemooneedsabreak Mon 21-Feb-11 12:27:33

I bought one after dd was born thinking to cut back also...however even at 9m (after the birth) I found it very uncomfortable...I tried it each month and still didn't get on Now I'm preggy again, but I'm going to give it some more goes after this baby too and them seem an ideal product.

jinxediam Mon 21-Feb-11 12:29:56

So you can wear them to bed as well?

i'm on the website now and wondering which size as I am 30 and 2 DS's by CS lol. (their cut off age is 30)

<optimistically wonders about pelvic floor tone> ...

piecenjam Mon 21-Feb-11 12:32:31

I've been using one for about 6 months. I still need a night pad for the first 2 nights, but apart from that. It's so easy to forget about and my pain has reduced. I would definitely recommend.

It does take a couple of months to get to grips with though, so would recommend a pad for when you are out until you suss out correct positioning.

jinxediam Mon 21-Feb-11 12:34:27

sounds very positive so far...

do you leave the string on or chop it off?

FortiesCromarty Mon 21-Feb-11 12:38:54

Just got one last week and loving it. No leaks, except when my period was really heavy and the cup got too full. Very comfortable once I'd got used to it. It does take a few days to get the hang of it.
Don't chop the stalk off until you've worn it a little while as I've over enthusiastically trimmed mine, so have to reach in a fair way to get it out.

ilovemyhens Mon 21-Feb-11 14:37:15

I think they only leak if they're not positioned properly. I'm pretty heavy and I haven't leaked with mine.

Make sure you get the right one and when you insert it, twizzle it around a bit and run your finger around the outside to make sure it's openened up. Then, give a gentle tug and then a gentle push and that will create a vacuum and properly seal it in place. It shouldn't leak then.

When you're removing it, do it whilst sitting on the loo otherwise it'll be too messy. Moistened loo wipes are also useful.

thunderbird69 Mon 21-Feb-11 14:40:45

Good advice there ilovemyhens.

I've used one for a few years now, seemed a bit odd to start with but it is so much easier than tampons, nothing to remember to carry around with you.

I cut the stalk bit off completely.

Capreece Mon 21-Feb-11 14:47:58

Love love love mine. Had it over six years and never a problem.

Cut the stalk off entirely as having the stalk can cause leakage issues. Leakage can also be prevented by emptying more often if you're very heavy and by ensuring correct positioning. I bleed very heavily the first two days but haven't ever leaked since I sorted all these elements out.

Also reduces incidences of thrush, saves a bloody fortune in sanitary products and reduces nasty landfill <nods>

I am a bit of an evangelical user.

To the woman who found hers uncomfortable - it may be that you need to position it differently. I find mine is very uncomfortable if I don't put it high enough up, but once it's in right I forget I'm wearing it at all.

Jinxed - if you've not given birth vaginally and you try to maintain your pelvic floor then you should be OK with the smaller one... obviously, without being familiar with your nether regions I cannot tell you for sure, but I think the giving birth vaginally part is the biggest factor surely?

Do PM if you want more details - I am more than happy to spout on about mine for ever.

NorthernComfort Mon 21-Feb-11 14:50:03

Mine is amazing, could never go back, everything else seems so unclean by comparison.

DirtyMartini Mon 21-Feb-11 14:52:39

I dunno, I think pregnancy itself can diminish pelvic floor tone quite a bit regardless of what sort of birth you have. That's my excuse anyway, after two CS ...

I just got my period back after dc2 last month and bought a mooncup. So far so good, but I did find that it was a bit uncomfortable sometimes and felt like it was too low - but I didn't think I should put it higher up because the leaflet said it should sit lower than a tampon.

Capreece, your post is making me think maybe higher is OK to try after all ... will bear that in mind.

Capreece Mon 21-Feb-11 15:06:50

it should sit lower that a tampon but it should be high enough up so that (if you excuse the being graphic) you can only feel the bottom of the mooncup (with stem removed) by actually inserting your finger. Nothing should be um.... peeking out, as it were.

It's kind of hard to put it too high up, insert as normal, if still uncomfortable squeeze it to break the seal and push in a little bit higher, twist it to re-establish the seal and see if that feels more comfortable. As long as you're comfortable rootling around in yourself then it's easy enough to find a comfortable compromise <grin>

And totally agree with NorthernComfort - the alternatives seem unhygienic - I couldn't go back to the smell - ick.

Capreece Mon 21-Feb-11 15:07:59

And I just realised I type 'comfortable' way too many times...

Ask if you need clarification. I'm tired and possibly not making much sense...

DirtyMartini Mon 21-Feb-11 15:21:48


RamblingRosa Mon 21-Feb-11 15:39:11

I recommend it too. It took me a couple of cycles to get used to it but I haven't bought tampons since. I still use sanitary towels on the first/last few light days though.

bebemooneedsabreak Mon 21-Feb-11 15:55:25

I've had terrible times with tampons too to be honest, I've never found those comfortable to use so I was wondering if somehow I'm a bit unsuitable for things being up there [lol at myself] wink When I tried to remove mine it was the worst - every time it felt as if it were scratching my insides out despite having broken the seal and folding the lip slightly.

I do truly like the idea tho and like I said after this next bout of pregnancy is over I intend to give it a go once more.

Capreece Mon 21-Feb-11 16:12:12

Yikes. Well, if you do find you don't get on with it you could consider re-usable sanitary towels. I mean - you still get the ick factor unfortunately, plus you have to deal with laundering them, but they don't have the same ecological and economical impact as the disposable ones...

Capreece Mon 21-Feb-11 16:12:57

PS - I found tampons hideously uncomfortable - even painful at times, part of the reason I looked at Mooncup originally.

dickyduckydido Mon 21-Feb-11 16:16:43

I'm am also a fairly recent convert. Love it, love it, love it. For me the big advantage is no dryness. You actually don't realise how drying tampons and pads are until you don't use them!

I am a heavy bleeder and as long as you empty it a bit more frequently in the first few days its fine.

BonzoDooDah Mon 21-Feb-11 16:16:45

OOh I love mine!

I had two large DCs by CS and am 40+ and am really glad I bought the small one as it is a snug fit. I made the mistake of wearing it too low to start with and then cut too much of the stem off. Now I haven't really got enough stem to pull on to get it out. (You people who cut it off - how the heck do you get it out other than the "Priscilla" Ping Pong trick!?)

I have a heavy flow and do deffo need a towel as well on day 2 and 3 but it is SOoooooooooooooooooo much better than the old days. Wouldn't go back. Just the thought of the stinky bathroom bin is enough not to go back. And the environmentally-green-ness of it is fab.

PM me if you want to ask anything personal.

ghosteditor Mon 21-Feb-11 16:19:53

I love mine - have had it for four months and am really getting on with it and would never go back to tampons. I cut the stalk off on about the second day and liked it a lot more after I'd got rid of the excess length.

I don't have a problem with leaking except if I oversleep (like the 12 hours I had on Sunday!) but for those of you with kids that shouldn't be a problem wink

I think you just need to be non-squeamish about readjusting it and finding the right place; I think I wear it quite high based on what the instructions said but I genuinely don't feel it all and it's been fine for swimming and sport. Also I find I'm not using as many painkillers to get through the painful days of my period but don't really know why that is!

Capreece Mon 21-Feb-11 16:36:21

Bonzo - just bear down, then reach in and squeeze to break the seal, then pull out. Easy peasy!

jinxediam Mon 21-Feb-11 17:35:23

Fantastic thanks for all of your posts ladies- will definately give it a try then. I can't stand pads and just seem to spend a small fortune on liletts so it has to be worth a shot.

Hmm I don't think my pelvic floor is any different to pre-pregnancy so think i'll try the small and then hope all works (ahem) ok.

Right am placing my order and hoping for the best! grin

ilovemyhens Mon 21-Feb-11 18:26:47

Good luck. Even if you do have some teething problems, do persist with it because they're really great and so much easier and more civilised than tampons and pads smile

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