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Dentist Costs & Phantom Cavities

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MrsFruitcake Sun 20-Feb-11 15:47:45

How likely is it that dentists could give a filling that isn't really needed? I just wonder because when I had a check-up 6 months ago, my teeth were fine, but on my check up last week (with a new dental practice) I was told I have two really terrible cavities that need filling urgently at a total cost of £125! I can't see what's changed in the last 6 months.

They also want to charge £49 for a visit to the Hygienist.

It is supposedly an NHS Practice. Are these charges about right?

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OffToNarnia Sun 20-Feb-11 18:58:56

Get a second opinion just in case. A few [about 8] years ago I saw a dentist 6months after xray and 'all clear'. He was rough with the jabby thing and I thought I will have holes by the time you finish. Anyways said I needed 3x fillings and about 6 teeth 'on watch'. I was in tears first then suspicious and changed dentist. I have staining on my back teeth that have always looked dodgy and the dentists I have seen since just say it is my enamel and teeth sound and strong. NO FILLINGS since my dodgy dentist. I say dodgy but my dentist feels he was probably inexperienced. It makes me nervous of when my dentist retires and I have to find a new dentist. Also I wonder if I have had unnecessary work done in the past. My current dentist thinks I probably have. DOUBLE CHECK..

moaningminniewhingesagain Sun 20-Feb-11 19:20:21

Hygenist charges sound right, that is offered as a private service usually, but the dentist can do a 'deep clean' if clinically indicated.

nhs dental charges Sounds like those 2 fillings are private, if they are neccessary the dentist should be doung them as a Band 2 treatment.

They should offer you a written treatment plan which clarifies the charges and it should be clear whether this is being done as NHS work or not.

They are free to offer you private treatment, eg if you want a white filling or other purely cosmetic stuff.

MrsFruitcake Mon 21-Feb-11 08:07:40

White fillings are £72 each. So it's £145 for two. I an still a bit suspicious.

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VivaLeBeaver Mon 21-Feb-11 08:22:53

Prices sound about right but there are definetly dentists who do this. My mum had the same and was suspicious and changed dentists - new dentist said no fillings needed. Her old dentist was in the paper a year later and was struck off for doing unnecessary work on a number of people.

moaningminniewhingesagain Mon 21-Feb-11 18:15:31

The Band 2 charge of £45.60 should cover the 'course of treatment', ie both fillings. So they are almost definitely being done as a private thing rather than NHS.

If they are not being clear with you, I would bring it with the dentist in the first instance, then with the PCT contact details for PCT

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