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TAMOXIFEN thread number 8 ********

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MaryAnnSingleton Sat 12-Feb-11 15:39:15

just in case we run out of space !

Cakesandale Sat 12-Feb-11 16:14:50

Hiya Phil

I was just thinking about you!

I'll sponsor you as well. PM me something (don't forget, now, it'll be my way of contributing as I don't run).

MAS that ice cream sound absolutely stunning. I think I can taste it from here <dreamy> I am still working on my ideas for the book, I will be sending it.

Just about now a friend of mine is abseiling down the Mailbox in Birmingham, to raise funds for the Children's Hospital. Her son has been in there himself for most of the week (out now) and she has had no sleep, I saw her out running this morning shock - how do some people do it??!!

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 12-Feb-11 17:11:58

wow- amazing friend !!
Hope the ice cream freezes- was a bit slow in getting it done..

Figgyroll Sat 12-Feb-11 22:30:14

Hello ladies. Mum's funeral/cremation went very well all things considered. Everything went according to plan - the vicar was brill, the flowers were beautiful and the hymnns and poems we chose were very fitting. I just didn't for one moment imagine I would feel so much pain, a physical hurt. And, then, a few hours later all the family sitting around laughing and joking. Seems surreal.

I'm coping by concentrating on dealing with whatever news I'm given on Wednesday. I've played all possible scenarios in my head and I'm feeling a tad calmer now. Maybe the calm before the storm?

Thank you again for all your support these last few days. xxxx

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 13-Feb-11 09:22:25

well done figgyroll-you're doing brilliantly - it sounds as though it went as well as it could and a fitting tribute to your mum. You have so much to deal with right now that the only way is one step at a time - remember we're here to hold your hand -take care smile

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 13-Feb-11 09:23:24

curry night was great,dad enjoyed it very much- just the thing- and the ice cream was fine,soft and creamy- seemed to go down well ! Off to see mum later.

KurriKurri Sun 13-Feb-11 13:05:58

yes well done Figgy - funerals are very hard to get through, and it sounds as if it was a beautiful fitting tribute to your mum.

We'll all be thinking of you on wed. and be here to hold your hand whatever the outcome. smile

I'm glad curry night went well MAS, lots of love to your mum, hope she's feeling a little better today.

My mum phoned yesterday - apparently my Dad asked one of his carers to marry him, 'I've been ditched' said mum grin but also a bit sad

DS's DP had a bad asthma attack last week and they had to spend the night in hospital. She hasn't had one for several years, but they've been painting their bedroom and I think the fumes affected her.

Hi Phil - lovely to see you, and good on you for doing RFL - I did it a couple of years ago and it is a really amazing event great fun, and at the same time very moving. Good luck smile

We gave the dog a haircut and a bath yesterday - she's barely speaking to us! grin

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

smee Sun 13-Feb-11 13:34:23

We do whizz through threads, don't we - think I joined on no.4!

Figgy, it must all feel surreal, as well as impossible. Am sure it will take a while to move past your mother's death, let alone deal with Wednesday. Ask any questions you want before you go if it helps, otherwise we'll just have everything crossed for you.

Hello Phil smile I'll sponsor you too. Great idea, and as Kurri says I'm sure it'll be fun as well as doing good.

MAS, your poor Mum. Is she okay in hospital - am trusting she's being kept as comfortable and pain free as possible? Curry night sounded excellent. Very good distraction for your dad.

Kurry, what sort of dog is it?? I have a vision of a large bearded collie, but I think I'm swayed by the sound of a hound needing a haircut. Really hope DS's girlfriend is okay - must have been scary for both of them.

Waving to all others. Have nothing to tell on the Smee front. Going out into the wet now - totally yuk here, so hope it's better where you are.

KurriKurri Sun 13-Feb-11 13:41:02

Smee - she's a little jack russell (she thinks she's a big dog grin) - but a very hairy one. I'll try to find a picture and put it on the profile. She's nearly 14 but quite sprightly. smile

smee Sun 13-Feb-11 17:18:03

14, so isn't that 98 in human years?? Sounds quite a character. smile

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 14-Feb-11 07:13:21

for my dear tamoxifen friends with much love
happy St Valentine's Day

SparkleRainbow Mon 14-Feb-11 10:48:51

Oh MAS that is lovely, Happy Valentibe's Day to everyone. smile

MAS I hope your mum is ok, did the op go all right? Your dad must be so stressed with worry about her. They are really having a time of it at the moment. Sending big hugs and best thoughts.

Figgy You got through it on Friday,I hope you felt you had a chance to reflect durng the day, on a good life, well lived. How are your thoughts about Wednesday. I hope you are doing ok. Much hand holding. smile

Kurri - I hope your ds dp is all right, asthma is so scary to watch. Do you fancy coming round and washing my two neither, all tails and legs. Shal give them a good rush instead and hopefully brush the dirt out of them. grin

Cakes I am very impressed by your abseiling friend, I could do with a little of that amazing strength of character. I hope her ds is all right.

Right off to finish the last section of my dla reconsideration for ds. Now got the dla dr report in which he states he could not examine ds as ds too distressed, but in the five mins he saw him sitting hysterical on my knee he was able to estblish that ds has good coordination, no balance problems, no gross motor skills or fine motor skills problems, is not at risk of falling, no mobility issues and has no mental health problems. to refute that then.

Cakesandale Mon 14-Feb-11 10:57:36

That is so lovely MAS - thank you!

I always want to comment on your page, but I have an aversion to Facebook.

Glad the curry night was a distraction: and the ice cream sounds fantastic. Hope your Mum is doing OK - when will she get out of jail hospital?

KK - hope ds's dp is feeling better. Paint fumes can be very icky.

Figgy, well done on getting through a lovely tribute to your Mum. You really are doing very well: I am glad you are feeling calm. There need not be a storm brewing: proceed as serenely as you can (and rage here if you need to).

Personally I am raging here myself - have just had an astoundingly rude email from the chair of the PTA. DH has stopped me from firing off an explosive reply so I am sitting here simmering and trying to ignore it until my blood pressure has returned to normal. I truly saw the 'red mist' grin

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 14-Feb-11 14:04:28

aw,thank you...
Dad is exhausted poor thing -just gone to visit and hopes to see consultant- she is seeing the physio to get her up and moving- not so easy as mum has huge difficulties moving at the best of times.
She seemed quite cheery yesterday - the hospital is of courser boiling hot and there is a poor elderly lady next to her who wails all the time - mum not impressed by the food so have sent dad in with some fresh fruit,grapes,those posh dried dates and cereal bars and some heart shaped chocs. Bought dad a heart shaped brownie ! He has asked widower neighbour to supper-my brother cooked up some penne with a lovely sauce for lunch yesterday so he's going to reheat what's left- he wanted to know if he should do rice with it,or Brussels sprout grin bless him- suggested baking it with grated cheese on top and having salad and there should be some of the ice cream left !
Am taking him in for his cateract op tomorrow and will see mum then.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 14-Feb-11 14:06:51

Sorry-meant to say that I hope KK's ds's dp is feeling much better - paint fumes are pretty vile.
Sparkle- good luck with the rest of your dla re application - you tell them !
Cakes- tell us what the email said so we can fume with you grin

KurriKurri Mon 14-Feb-11 14:07:53

Haven't time for long post because I'm off to the GP shortly. But just wanted to say how lovely the Valentine's card is MAS - thank you so much, and happy Valentine's day to everyone smile

KurriKurri Mon 14-Feb-11 14:12:45

Oops x- post MAS - thank you everyone, I think DS's DP is feeling a lot better. (DS said that although it was scary, in a way it was good because she smokes - not much but a bit, and the doctors lectured her about it being a very bad idea especially if you have asthma, so she has quit smile)

Mind you the hosptal gave her a 'help you quit' pack containing a wall chart with smiley face and storm cloud stickers, and a stress ball - very helpful! hmm

smee Mon 14-Feb-11 14:22:41

MAS, what a lovely thought and that's my only Valentine, so thank you. smile

Your poor Mum - how long until she can come home? Though I like your dad's style - rice or sprouts is a tough choice. grin

Sparkles, the dla app sounds not a good way to spend the day. Hope you find a worthy amount of satisfying 'up yours' to stick in - carefully worded of course. grin

Cakes, what's with the PTA woman then?? Have you committed some heinous crime, such as not baking for the cake sale or something? Do tell..

Kurri, is GP trip for blood results?? Hope it's clear news and puts your mind at rest.

Am being driven insane by cat smell - woke up last night by much hissing, to find our cat, on the landing, defending the bedrooms from another who must have chased him in through cat flap. One that wasn't ours ran, and me and our dope spent ages trying to find him before I gave up and crawled back to bed. It must have found its way back out, but he's left a smell and I can't trace it, other than it's in one room. Have put rug outside to air, washed floor, which is wood fortunately but it still smells. grrr..

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 14-Feb-11 15:44:24

good luck at the doctors KK - and that is good about dp not smoking any more - sometimes these things happen and are actually quite helpful smile
Dad hasn't much clue about cooking, but has done pretty well since mum's first fall. Am very pleased he has asked the nice neighbour in as they both must be feeling a bit lonely and lost- I think mum and dad will keep an eye on him (the neighbour) as he's such a nice man - he is alone in a big house as his children have left home.
Hope dad will have some more information about mum and when we can expect her home again. Grr about cat smell in your house - try my olbas oil trick -it would dissuade further spraying and would smell nice !

KurriKurri Mon 14-Feb-11 16:48:27

Back from the docs. - results not back yet. But he has added to the blood test I am having tomorrow (I have oncology appt. on wednesday) - testing for diabetes, he doesn't think I've got it but wants to rule it out. - I have to fast (water only) from 8 o'clock tonight - which will be quite a strain for me grin.

he said my heart was 'going like the clappers' and my eyes were wobbly which might explain the dizziness and could be caused by an ear problem.

So all in all it was - 'not sure what it is, still awaiting results and we'll go from there'.

Anyway he gave me a pretty good check over and I don't appear to be a death's door yet! grin

Sparkle - hope you've managed to finish off the DLA reconsideration - am shock at the Dr. report - ridiculous.

MAS - glad your mum is more cheery today, and hope she enjoys her treats smile I hope everything goes well for your Dad tomorrow.

I hope you manage to get rid of the cat smell Smee - what a pain. (I have to admit that after I we bathed the dog, she deliberately did a wee in the hall because she was in a huff, -little old monkey.)

Cakes - Am also intrigued about rude PTA chairperson! we can help with a shirty reply grin

It is cold here today - I am feeling envy of SR, - hope she's having a great time.

Love to all x

KurriKurri Mon 14-Feb-11 16:49:44

Oh I grin at your dad with his rice or brussels MAS- bless him smile

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 14-Feb-11 18:03:12

that sounds as though the doc is being very thorough- ear thing could certainly be the problem- hope you get answers soon though.
Dad very cheered by mum sitting up in a chair today- they also think she can move to the community hospital which is in town !! would be brilliant- also one of my friends is a physio. and works from there. My brother is bringing an inflating cushion thing which helps people get up from chairs and I think we may swap armchairs - I have my granny's beautiful armchair which would be just the job- mum and dad have a smaller but very sweet chair which I'm happy to swap (that chair has fond memories of beloved great aunt) Dad is going back again with a shorter nightdress which is easier for manoevering ! He is then doing his cooking - mum was very pleased he'd asked toby over the road to dine !
I was thinking of SR in the warm today grin

LimeJellyforBrains Mon 14-Feb-11 21:21:46

MAS - Thank you for the Valentine - it's absolutely lovely! LOL at your dad's choice of rice or brussels with pasta - must tell my mum, see what she advises - she's Italian! How wonderful you are surrounded by furniture which holds so many different memories smile I have always been keen to inherit things from relations who have died - no matter what really - love to look at the things I have (ranging from a chair and teacups to bedspreads and a wooden spoon!) and remember them and smile. Hope your mum is better and home soon. xx

Kurri - glad you got to see your GP at last. Frustrating not to have results back, but ear/balance problems would explain a lot. I used to live in a shared house with a cat which used to deliberately wee in the shoes of the man who used to de-flea him!

I shall be joining you in fasting from 9am tomorrow - got a call on Friday giving me a cancellation appointment for an ultrasound of abdomen/pelvis at 3pm tomorrow, due to the ovarian cysts which were found in my CT scan. So now of course I am worrying: "What's the hurry?" sad

Have also been a bit down since Friday evening. Met a lovely woman at friend's birthday at the pub. She had BC six years ago. Had surgery, rads and Tamoxifen. No nodes involved. Finished Tamoxifen just over a year ago and shortly after they found secondaries in bones, liver and lungs sad. Bastard disease, how does it do it? She's having chemo, very kindly gave me advice about local wig source and urged me to have chemo myself. Have woken up early three mornings since then in grip of sadness and fear.

Got oncology appointment through today, not until 16th March. Is that long a wait usual? Am thinking maybe they're allowing time to get ovaries looked at/sorted first.

Cakes - you HAVE to spill the beans re the PTA woman! We need to know so we can be more accurately outraged on your behalf! grin

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 14-Feb-11 21:37:11

oh poor woman lime - it seems so random. Good luck tomorrow with ultrasound -will be thinking of you.
Have just shared a bottle of champagne with dh (and a drop for ds) and some risotto. (apologies to fasting folk)
Hope dad has managed his pasta !

LimeJellyforBrains Mon 14-Feb-11 21:39:53

Kurri - my first paragraph to you made almost no sense at all - what a non sequitur!

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