Dribble rash - clearing up cream suggestions?

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Gem13 Tue 09-Sep-03 21:01:45

DS (13 months) has had a rash by his mouth for several weeks now. I have taken him to the GP who has ruled out thrush and eczema and agrees with me that it is due to his dribbling. He is soaking his tops at the moment so he must be teething. Plus he has just started walking which requires concentration and he has to stick out his tongue

I have been plastering Vaseline on him to keep it from looking too red which helps but it isn't going away. It gets worse too if I don't keep on top of it with the Vaseline and can spread along his chin and up past his nose.

Any suggestions? It looks so uncomfortable and I want to get rid of it!

BTW - He doesn't seem bothered by it, it just bothers me!

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Gem13 Wed 10-Sep-03 10:05:54

Am starting to get paranoid, no one replies to my pleas for help

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wickedstepmother Wed 10-Sep-03 10:17:40

Hi Gem

My DD has a similar rash under her chin, she is 13 months. She's had it for about 5 months. I've taken her to see our dermatology nurse several times. The first time we were prescribed an hydrocortisone cream which was ok for the first week or so but then it seemed to stop working.

Having been back and tried various things we were prescribed an antifungal & hydrocortisone combination cream called 'Daktacort'. We use it 3 times a day and then use Metanium ointment (nappy rash stuff no precript needed) over the top of the precribed cream overnight, it acts as a barrier. The upshot is that the rash is shrinking rapidly (was the size of 50p piece, now 20p ) and the redness is all but gone. The problem with these rashes is that being fungal they will not clear up on their own. I would suggest a return trip to the Dr and mention these creams..... "A friend of mine has a similiar prob Doc, she's had success using Daktacort and Metanium. Could we try that?"

WSM xx

Northerner Wed 10-Sep-03 10:17:54

Gem13 - my ds gets this also and I use a cream from the baby section in Boots. Its called someting like moisturising cream for baby sensitive skin. It's also suitable for eczema. Clears up ds's skin like a dream.


judetheobscure Wed 10-Sep-03 11:25:34

My dss were given a mild hydrocortisone cream for when it got bad and also a moisturiser - Diprobase, also prescribed by the GP. Very effective. Didn't last long - until they stopped dribbling basically.

waterbaby Wed 10-Sep-03 11:41:38

Hi Gem13 Have you tried aloe gelly? Worked wonders for us for both nappy and dribble rash. Have got some sample sachets still in the bathroom cabinet - we soon upgraded to a big tube, but kept them for taking on days out etc, as it works brilliantly on bee/nettle stings etc too. Can pop one in the post to you if you email me an address - not easy to get hold of in the shops but can give you the companies details.

kayleigh Wed 10-Sep-03 11:55:06

I used to use a dab of Sudacreme (SP?)on ds1. This seemed to clear it and act as barrier. If I put it on at night it would usually be better by the morning.


Gem13 Wed 10-Sep-03 15:04:54

Thanks everyone for replying. My paranoid self has been beaten back for another day

I'll be in touch waterbaby about the aloe jelly. I like the sound of that and I like multi purpose creams! I still haven't been stung by a bee or a wasp (at the grand old age of almost 33) and have got quite nervous about the thought of it so it would be a handy thing to have about my person.

I have been using Sudocreme to no great effect - it doesn't get worse but it doesn't get better either. I'm wary of going back to the GP again as I don't really want anything that needs to be prescribed. DS is a big bedtime thumbsucker so I don't like the idea of him ingesting the 'stronger' creams. That said, I will try the aloe jelly, the Boots moisturiser and the Metanium and if they don't work I shall go back and discuss the ones mentioned.

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AussieSim Wed 10-Sep-03 19:43:36

My ds had the same problem and the first creme my doctor recomended was based on Marigold flowers (forget what the latin name is that it goes by) and I loved the smell of it and slathered it over him after washing down with black tea - as instructed - didn't work. I asked for something else and was given a lanolin based creme that has worked like a dream (I'm a poet and didn't know it). He now has only 2 little spots.

eidsvold Wed 10-Sep-03 20:05:31

my dd has not had the bad reash but I used to wipe her face and then put vaseline on her chin area to act as a barrier - seemed to work.

eidsvold Wed 10-Sep-03 20:05:52

rash even!!

sobernow Wed 10-Sep-03 20:12:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Batters Thu 11-Sep-03 11:37:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wickedstepmother Thu 11-Sep-03 11:41:06

We had lanisole cream to but found ti really wasn't effective.

wickedstepmother Thu 11-Sep-03 11:41:28

We had lanisole cream to but found it really wasn't effective.

Gem13 Thu 11-Sep-03 11:41:39

I tried putting a bib on him the other day as he was clean (and dry) and we were off to a birthday tea.

He was a bit cross, especially as it wasn't a mealtime (!) and when I got to the house (having driven) I found he had ripped the bib off and had been sucking the velcro making everything even soggier!

Sometimes there's just no helping them...

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LIZS Thu 11-Sep-03 12:11:36

gem 13,
Over here in Europe you often see babies/toddlers with coloured muslins folded into a triangle and tied around the neck like a scarf. Personally I think girls carry it off better than boys but if you get a few to coordinate with his outfits they can look quite good.

newgirl Fri 12-Sep-03 14:22:51

this is so helpful - my little one is going through the same and lie yo gem13 it doesn't bother her but it makes me feel like i am wearing a badge saying 'crap mother'! i'm trying sudocrem, vaseline. i've got some hydrocortisone for her eczema - i might try that... bloody teething

morley Fri 12-Sep-03 14:26:18

Have you tried just plain aqueous cream,that sometimes works or a bit of hydrocortisone.

bobsmum Fri 12-Sep-03 14:32:36

These are a bit pricey, but very cute!

Baby bandanas

I got a pack of two from my local Tchibo coffee shop for £2.95 instead.

chard738 Wed 17-Sep-03 13:10:20

I'd be interested in that aloe jelly waterbaby ... could you let me know the details as well. DS has the same sort of rash now and then and so far I've been using Vaseline (which like Gem13 says, he doesn't seem to care about , but it looks icky to me!!).


Bozza Wed 17-Sep-03 14:10:02

When my DS had a cyst removed from his face aged 12 months we were given E45 cream to apply to it. I have since used this on other things such as nappy rash, and dribble rash. Once the cold weather comes though I would continue to use vaseline when you go out to prevent chapping and then use whatever other cream you like at night and when in the house.

Teejb Thu 09-Sep-10 18:03:15

My daughter has had a rash on her chin for 6 weeks and now it's spread round the nose area and a tiny bit around the eye which comes and goes. She is 17 months and a permanent dribbler, we go through tons of bibs. I put the spreading around the nose area down to a runny nose but her nose hasn't been running for a week and rash still there. She had a rash on her cheeks when only a few weeks old and that cleared up with an emollient cream called cetraban which the doc gave me. This cream doesn't work on the chin and nose rash as it's not waterproof! I have tried welleda calendula nappy and face cream which just made it redder. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream seemed to work for a couple of days and I could see it going down, it's now back again. I am going to try Vaseline and if that doesn't work then a trip to the docs. Doesn't bother my daughter in the slightest, only me. Any other suggestions?

AlexandraRobinson Sun 29-Mar-20 20:54:19

Hello my little boy is the same right now dribbling so so much his rah is awful but he’s my third child I found mixing between , talc nipple balm (as it’s thicker than petroleum jelly) and a mild excma cream it is okay but not better we also found constant bin changing and outfit changes where a must too sadly it’s a daily battle but they do grow out of it only thing to do it keep on top of it xxxx

Haveitheright Mon 30-Mar-20 11:11:36

I don’t think the OP’s DS is having this problem any longer given how long ago this was posted grin

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